Cool characters you can create with Class Warfare

Cool characters you can create with Class Warfare

Cool characters you can create with Class Warfare

#1 The Dragon Pilgrim/Sarkhan Vol 

You start out as a Disciple with the Pilgrim and Venerator specialties and take Monstrous Heritage (Dragon) from the Adventurer. 

You are a half/quarter/semi/dragontouched/whatever Dragon-Human. The empire of dragons has fallen long ago and you travel to their different strongholds to plunder and explore them. 

Your dragon heritage moves could be 

Breath Fire

Fly with dragon wings

Sniff out Gold 

for example, with your Spells coming from the Battle, Judgement or Revelation domain, depending on how you think the ancient dragon gods are. 

Taking up a Multiclass into Bard for Bardic Lore of Dragons further pushes hard into that theme and will make sure that Dragons are a big part of your campaign. 

#2 NotADemonWarlock Dervish 

You are a Master Fighter, using demon weapons against everyone standing in your way. You take Wielder and Battledancer from the Warrior. Your signature weapon is a pair of knifes, connected by a chain that can burn with the fires of hell. After a command the knifes and chain transform into a spiked chain type weapon THAT IS ALSO ON FIRE. So more fire? Take the Firestarter specialty from the Rogues so you can control your demonfire! 

This would be even cooler with a Halfling but you need to be a Human so you can pick up the precise enchantement so you can focus on DEX and INT. Multiclassing into Duelist is an obvious choice to make you an even more deadly tornado of fiery blade-death. 

#3 The not so legitimate businessman. 

You are a Shopkeeper and *Householder*. Your Household is the local thief guild, the Shop is just a front. To compliment that you may take Fence or Breaker or Swindler or Mastermind, it’s really up to you. Might also depend on the other characters in the group. Perfect for an Urban game. 

#4 Monster Hunter – as in the game 

For this you take Arminger and Sharpshooter. Only taking 2 specialties allows you to start with the ability to turn your prey into gear. I imagine this as someone really well armored and shooting the biggest gun or bow they can find before they just punch their prey to death with a spiked gauntlet. If you can talk your GM into a Gunlance (+1 damage, reach, near, reload) – even better. 

#5 The Oracle 

There are a few nice ways you can go with this archetype. You can start with Oracle. To compliment this you could take a Divine Caster and the Revelation domain. From there take either Sage or Bard to just KNOW things or Soothsayer to have more control over the future.

If you don’t want to be linked to the Divine you start with Soothsayer and take Arcane Ritualist for the Scrying Move and a Arcane Caster for the Divination school. No matter how you go, you can multiclass between these to pick up extra options you want to have. 

Beware your power though – the future might be bleak. 

20 thoughts on “Cool characters you can create with Class Warfare”

  1. It is basicaly a new way to create characters for Dungeon World by Johnstone Metzger. You choose 1 archetype and up to 3 specialties from the archetype to create your character, your starting moves and the moves you will have access to. Imagine you could play a ranger but without an animal companion and will urban tracking instead of nature stuff. It also has a lot of support for subtypes of casters and a bunch of new spells.  

  2. Say Johnstone Metzger, what are your thoughts on more freestyle casting, like the way the Mage and the Priest work? I was also a little disappointed that I couldn’t find the Druid’s shapeshift move.

  3. Peter Johansen The problem with the Druid is that she’s almost completely built around one thing: shapeshifting. So If ound it hard to break that down into 3 specialties while I was writing the book. I was thinking of doing a special Druid archetype, where you’d start with a nature-themed base and swap out various typical druid-y powers like nature magic, shapeshifting, etc. I would probably do something similar to that for a D&D-style Warlock class, too.

    Having thought about it a bit since finishing CW, though, I think Tim is on the right track. A properly-balanced shapeshifting move that is one-third of your starting moves lets you change into just one other form (maybe 2 if you’re a werewolf or something), while having multiple forms is an advanced move. In that sense, the Druid could be considered a character with 2 specialties and an advanced move from one of them (I got the idea for that option from Inverse World’s Mechanic, actually).

    So yeah, in hindsight, I probably could have included that, but now I guess there’s some opportunity for a supplement if anyone else wants to take a crack at it.

  4. As to freestyle casting, I think different styles are awesome, but the main problem with supernatural powers is limiting them in scope so you have a specific thing that you do and not like “you can do anything.” Limiting magic with keywords like the Mage’s spell focus is cool. When I did that with my Elementalist, though, I tried to give stricter direction for the effect and not just the element. But I think there is room in DW for both different types of spell lists and supernatural powers as move, as well as different types of magical spellcasting abilities.

  5. I’m already brainstorming some new specialities. If I make something good, I’ll share it.

    Tim Franzke , that’s a great specialty for CW. Into the collection it goes.

  6. I think I might take a crack at that Warlock speciality, not that it’s been mentioned and I still have my notes out. I’ll take it over to a new thread.

  7. Oh man! How did I miss the release of this? Went straight to DTRPG and bought it. Johnstone Metzger puts out the good stuff. Tim Franzke great class ideas sir.

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