Rocket Boots!

Rocket Boots!

Rocket Boots!

…. they’re rocket boots.  Boots you wear, with rockets on the bottom of them. 

When you engage the rockets and fly off into the wild blue yonder, Roll +DEX. 

On a 10+ take all three.  On a 7-9 choose two.  On a miss, choose one.

* You end up where you wanted to go (within a few miles)… or at least somewhere not horrible.

* You land in a way that is neither embarrassing nor dangerous.

* The boots are not damaged beyond hope of re-use.

4 thoughts on “Rocket Boots!”

  1. Nice idea. You could refer to the Pagans broom discussion. Arraving is never a choice. You might want to limit the destinations. We played it with the broom requirinig that you either have once visited that destination before, or you have it in your line of sight while taking off.

  2. Nope!  If they’re my ace in the hole and I’m feeling confident, I might try to preserve the boots and/or my fleshy bits first.  And at least one of my regular players is in the habit of taking dangerous choices with better rewards (like keeping his rocket boots in exchange for accidentally landing in the middle of a riot)

      I’ll do a search for the broom before I implement this into a session, thanks!

    I need to take a look at them then, see how they do it.  Thanks!

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