I’ve worked on it for a week, and I think it’s ready for a fresh dose of correction and new ideas. A lot of the changes that have been made are due to the advice of Christopher Stone-Bush, who has been very patient with me so far 😛

If you have any points, contentions, or ideas concerning the class, be sure to comment below. (Advanced/Expert Moves and Puppet Enhancement ideas and concepts would be very appreciated)

Have at it!


  1. Pull some strings should read: 

    “When you make your puppet produce great feats of balance, speed or dexterity” 

    but then still this seems like a weak trigger as these things are hard to define right? How often do you think this will come up? Does combat count? 

    “It takes some time fiddling with the strings to get it to work.”

    what does that mean exactly? When I choose this, what kind of complication do I need to expect? 

    ” You need to make large gestures, and might attract unwanted attention.

     You do it too forcefully, and might damage your puppet or its surroundings.”

    Don’t say might here. Either these things happen or they don’t. Otherwise the GM needs to make an extra decision every time you use on of these options. 

    How often do you think MAGIC STRINGS will come up? Shouldn’t you be running around with your puppet hanging out most of the time? 

    The puppet creation rules should really be on page 1. 

    “The strings attach sloppily, and you take -1 ongoing to Use Puppet until you spend a moment to readjust them”

    What move are you refering to here?

    More later. 

  2. I’ve only glanced at it so far, but drop any “might” wording from the moves. Only when you’re rolling dice is there any chance involved. Triggering a move, and the results of a move should be concrete. No “maybe”, “might”, or “could”.

  3. Tim Franzke 

    What should the trigger be? I wanted it to be along the lines of “if you want the puppet to disarm a bomb (or something) or dodge out of a sword’s way (or something), roll +DEX”, kind of like a DEX roll and Defy Danger roll all-in-one. I guess that’s kind of unnecessary, actually. I just want it to be apparent that you shouldn’t need to roll +DEX if you want the puppet to walk somewhere or whatever.

    The “fiddling with the strings” option was “it takes longer than usual to do it”. I guess it was too vague. What should I put?

    Duly noted.

    I was thinking of two scenarios when I wrote that. Either the player uses Drop It or loses control through some other means, like unconsciousness. I thought that move would come in handy in those types of situations. Should it be an Advanced Move?

    You’re right. Aside from that, was there anything on the Puppet template itself that was confusing or vague?

    Pull Some Strings used to just be called Use Puppet. I forgot to change that.

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