#Italiandungeonworld #inverseworld

#Italiandungeonworld #inverseworld

#Italiandungeonworld #inverseworld

EDIT: Pool closed, Spellslinger won. See him at https://plus.google.com/u/0/+EzioMelega/posts/EkEzugrauZ2

I would like to post some of the new art for Italian Dungeon World and Inverse World, but I’m the proud King of Teasers, so I will post very little of it, and let YOU decide what you want to see.

Vote and decide! ^^

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  1. Forgot to tag the ever wonderful authors of the artwork: Michela Da Sacco and Francesca Da Sacco.

    Working with you is always wonderful, girls. You are True Professionals and you really have given a twist to every manual you worked upon.

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