DungeonWorld with dominoes!

DungeonWorld with dominoes!

DungeonWorld with dominoes!

Each player draws two tiles from the pile. Whenever a player would roll 2d6 for a move, they instead play a tile face up and draw a new tile to replace it. If the action plays directly to a bond, the player may instead play a random tile from the pile.

Face-up tiles are not recycled to the pile unless the pile is exhausted or both the 1:1 and 6:6 have been played.

This does the change the distribution of odds a bit. There are only 28 tiles to go ’round and results are removed from the pool as play continues. I feel that you will see low results more often and giving the players a little control over when they hit play help offset that.

I also like the idea that you can hang mechanics on it like I did with the random play and bonds. 

3 thoughts on “DungeonWorld with dominoes!”

  1. I couldn’t find my set. I was working on paper and totally forgot about the 0s! Removing the 0s brings us down to 21 tiles so, yes, you would need two identical sets to pull this off.

    …. unless you can find a mechanical use of those 0s! I would probably leave the 0:0 in and find a use for that.

  2. Maybe just one set, in a blind bag, and every draw is replaced once the move is resolved?

    I actually love this idea. It’s a shame it can’t replace damage dice unless you’re playing World of Dungeons and treat every domino as either best/worst result for lower-powered classes/weapons/monsters and then 2d6 for the higher damage sources.

    Great Scott! This could work!

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