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  1. Like, Defy Danger is the catchall “something bad is happening right now how do you handle it?” move.

    I say Carouse (and future variants) works along the lines of “something bad will happen later as a result of your action now.”

  2. I wouldn’t model it, I would just make it so. Maybe give the player the Drunk tag if they really want something to hold on to, but I wouldn’t give a debility or anything like that. 

    Being drunk will lead to situations, maybe like meeting the town guard who are annoyed at you(especially if the character is a noisy drunk.) Also certain things won’t work/be as easy if you’re drunk. So the thief climbing up a building might normally not require a roll, because he is the thief and that’s what he does. But a drunk thief is going to need to roll if he wants to succeed. And maybe something like running from rooftop assassins while drunk wouldn’t trigger a move because the player has no chance of escaping in this state, I just make a move instead.

    As for the drinking contest, I would be tempted to make a roll+con. Something like When your pounding headache wakes you after the very important drinking contest, roll +con. On a 10+ you proved yourself the master of the drink, on a 7-9 choose 1:

    *All that booze makes you violently ill

    *You made an enemy during your drunken escapades

    *You wake up in a less than ideal situation.

    (Admittedly the 7-9 options could maybe do with a bit of work, but this is just an example)

  3. Start with the fiction.  What are the characters doing, and what are the risks?

    If there is no danger in the situation, then don’t model anything or trigger any moves.  Just say (or ask) what happens and move on.

    If there is danger, then I’d say that the players are triggering Defy Danger by participating in the contest.

    First thing to consider: what’s the PC’s approach to the drinking contest?  Pick an attribute based on that. Are they just pounding the booze and hoping their livers will sort it out?  That’s vs. CON.  Are they nursing their drinks and performing as if they are not?  That’s vs. CHA.  Stealthily disposing of drinks in the houseplants?  vs. DEX.

    Then, figure out the danger — what move you’re going to make if they fail. For example, if they’re pounding the drinks, they could risk:

    a) alcohol poisoning  (deal damage)

    b) getting rolled by thieves while blackout drunk. (use up their resources)

    c) waking up in some place they’d really rather not wake up. (put them in a spot)

    d) being branded as lightweights and losing face with the NPCs (a custom danger move for this situation)

    If they’re faking it, then they could be exposed as fakers by angry drinkers (put them in a spot)

    If they roll a 7-9, the simplest thing to do is to let them defy the original danger you specified but inflict another one on them.

    Say you (the DM) said “You risk losing face with the taverners if you drink against them” and in response they start pounding drinks and roll a 7-9 on their Defy. In that case you could grant them the taverners’ respect but have them wake up penniless in the hoosegow for their trouble.

  4. Here are two moves that I wrote a while ago when I first started. Feel Free to use them.


    When you drink heavily  (2 drinks + CON Bonus) roll +CON:

    On a 10+ you are pleasantly buzzed, life is good. Take +1 forward

    On a 7-9 you should probably stop. Take a -1 ongoing until you can sleep it off

    On a 6- you are fucked up badly you must sleep it off. You pass out. Pray your friends are kind.



    When you sleep it off after a night of heavy drinking roll +CON:

    On a 10+ whew that was some party

    On a 7-9 take a -1 forward as you recover

    On a 6- you haven’t recovered yet, go back to sleep or take -1 ongoing until you do or get another cure. The GM will tell you what qualifies.

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