11 thoughts on “How well does Dungeon World hold up to duet campaigns (one player, one GM)?”

  1. I think it would do fine. One advantage DW has in this case is that the GM moves are reacting to players actions, so less player moves = less GM moves. A solo player is not getting overwhelmed automatically.

    That said, monsters are still dangerous in qty, and the basic playbooks are set up to be focused on certain tasks, so I’d say you have to exercise the same caution as a solo game in any system.

    If I were running DW solo. I’d maybe use the Deal Damage move a bit less, and focus on the other moves a bit more

  2. I tend to allow bonds with NPCs when playing one on one. You need to focus as the GM on cutting to the chase to avoid meandering. I like to have the move list in front if me and every time I introduce stuff to the game make it a move. Cross of GM moves as you make them to avoid too much repetition.

    Antagonise the players flags too. There a nothing less fun as a player in a one-on-one game when you go with one playbook and the GM challenges you with situations that would be best dealt with by another.

    Reincorporate like crazy! Say ‘yes and…’ All the time.

    Have fun 🙂

  3. David Guyll and I have done several that work good. If he’s the GM, he will give me a few hirelings with 4-6 points. Sometimes I only need two, sometimes four. Just depends on the setting really. When a hireling takes damage, David will just whittle down their skill points and allow me to heal them.

  4. I have played World games in general and DW specific solo with my Kid and never had an issue with it. We use it for long drives. He GMs and I play. He rolls my dice for me. Makes a four hour car drive fly by.

  5. Neither of us get it… and since it’s DW, dont really need to read anything while I’m driving, or I ask the Boy to read it for me. (moves, equipment, etc.) in this case the DM does all of the paperwork, but I could easily run for him and he could do his own.

    you could either use a small lap table for dice rolling or like we do and use a dice app.

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