Hello fellow tavernites.

Hello fellow tavernites.

Hello fellow tavernites. So I am wanting to convert my dnd mashup to dungeon world. The boy is playing a spy and the girl is playing a knight. Are there any good playbooks that capture that out there, or am best in going with thief and fighter? Or two fighters? As the boy is a fighting man right now (my mashup only has the two original classes).

Peace and thanks in advance


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  1. Thief/Bard for a spy and Fighter/Paladin for a knight seem like good fits. Maybe let them swap out a starting move from another class, if anything seems like a weird fit for the character (the Thief doesn’t like poison, or whatever)

    At some point, I know someone did a Cavalier class as basically a non-magical paladin, but I can’t find it, sorry

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