4 thoughts on “Party moves. For when your party is at a party to party.”

  1. These are very good! I could definitely see use for these in my group. I particularly like how the “choose 1” moves are self contained… you don’t have to read the ones you didn’t choose to see what happens. I think the battle of wits could use more options.

    Reading these I had lots of ideas for more options: your reputation is besmirched after an illicit affair, someone challenges you to a duel after a battle of wits, an offended person launches an elaborate revenge plot behind the scenes. But I think these are actually 6- GM moves, or interpretations of existing actions.

  2. Yeah something that always irked me about Bend Bars; Lift Gates was I would

    have to look at the Fighter sheet to even figure out how to mess around

    with a 7-9 roll because the Fighter would just say, “I rolled a 8 so it

    doesn’t take very long, and I can fix it.”

    Great…so what does happen? (Look at sheet.) Ah it’s really loud wasn’t


    Now I change BB;LG to instead pick out the bad things that happen instead

    of the bad things that didn’t happen.

    As for your other suggestions, those all sound fantastic. I keep these

    moves short since I’m writing up a lot of articles and other projects every

    day. (Currently doing 2-4 articles a week and the AW hack I’m working on)

    So this was more so “Get an article out that doesn’t suck.” I might come

    back to this someday and expand on it even more.

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