9 thoughts on “Rot-Gut Whisky (4 uses, 1 weight, 10 coin)”

  1. Off the top of my head, something to do with incredible feats of strength and bravery, like an auto 7-9 on your next ridiculous action. Or something about bonding over the terrible terrible hangover.

  2. When you drink Rot-Gut Whiskey, you become almost instantly inebriated and rush foolishly into your next action, unable to feel the pain or shame of it and providing you with the opportunity to roll twice and take the higher die. This does, however, leave you will a debility of the GM’s choosing until you roll your next 10+.

  3. Actually, I’d make it two debilities, but instead of GM choice, it’s Sick and Confused, and it lasts until you can sleep it off, or otherwise Make Camp.

    (Or drink a sobering potion, provided by the same company…heh heh)

  4. When you take swig of rot-gut, you are Confused. Mark off a use and roll +Con. On 10+, choose 3. On 7-9 choose 1, and the GM makes a soft move. Multiple drinks will result in a hangover (Sick) the next morning.

    — You can ignore fear.

    — You can ignore pain.

    — You can gain 1 armor.

    — You steady your nerves and can remove a Shaky condition.

    — If you are Sick from a hangover, you eliminate it.

    The confused gives a -1 Wis modifier, for impaired judgment. 

  5. When you take a swig of the Rot-Gut Whiskey and black out for a few hours while in a settled holding, roll + CON.  On a hit mark XP : something ‘epic’ happens, the GM will tell you or ask you what. On 10+ choose three, on a 7-9 choose two.

    * You are not the only one who would consider it ‘epic’

    * You remember more than just bits and pieces

    * You did not anger or indebt yourself to someone powerful during the process

    * Nothing valuable was lost or stolen (coins, weapons, pants…)

    * You didn’t acquire a Debility somewhere along the line

    On a miss you come to in a physically or socially dangerous situation instead.

    When you take a swig of the Rot-Gut Whisky, roll according to the above move.  In addition, mark XP if you end every statement for the remainder of the session with “aye’ or ‘eh’

  6. When you take a drink of Rot-Gut Whiskey your breath is so putrid that you gain leverage to parley with a nearby person and a 7-9 counts as a miss.

    The idea is that your breath is so bad they would rather take your deal than stand there and listen to you talk. 😀

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