Lets have a quick game while I’m on the train.

Lets have a quick game while I’m on the train.

Lets have a quick game while I’m on the train.

Make a simple god/devil/force of nature for Dungeon World. I don’t want stats, just moves and an instinct. Gods are above HP.

I’ll start:

Plodleer, Baroness of Slime & Ageing

Instinct: claim things old as is her right

– Vomit up something ancient

– Swallow up a forgotten place

– Excrete a slimy horde of undead soldiers

– Make it rust, erode or rot

Staphalopagon, Thane of Careful Exploration & Handy Gear

Instinct: covet rare and unique treasures

– Pull a ten foot pole, length of rope or other useful item from nowhere

– Light a torch or lantern that has run out of fuel

– Spring a dungeon’s trap with a whistle

– Steal a small object from them without getting close

Quonder, Agent of Identity & Mystery

Instinct: avoid the gaze of the elder things

– Fluidly change from race to race, gender to gender

– Offer the chance of a new life in return for service

– Vanish without a trace

– Steal their face as retribution

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  1. Ubalnu, Warden of the Wilds

    Instinct: check the spread of unnatural things

    – Overcome and bind with natural growth

    – Wait patiently and endure

    – Demand a bloody rite

    – Unleash the unchecked power of the Green

  2. Anneneh Nunuh Luloo, Guardian Dragon of the Akashic Library

    Instinct: To protect knowledge, especially magic knowledge

    – Protect magical areas and places

    – Voice prophecies of doom upon intruders

    – Demand equivalent exchange (add knowledge to take knowledge)

  3. Fortt, The Vow of Immutable Wrath

    Instinct: reward persist vengeance

    -Close off escape for the unjust

    -Remove all barriers between the damned and the seeker

    -Return quarry to life; for a second time they shall be punished

    -Wound the oath-taker when from vengence they stray

  4. Very good gents!

    Onire, Chief of Investigation

    Instinct: bring evil to justice at any cost

    – Show the dark seedy underbelly of society

    – Alter the weather to fit the mood

    – Bend the rules to get it done

    – Make the city a labyrinth

  5. Hoununa, Owl-Headed Mistress of Magic

    Instinct: revel in dark magic

    – Empower the craft of young witches beyond their kenning

    – Summon a band of demonic strix

    – Lure sleepwalkers into sacrificial dances

    – Shatter the bonds of an imprisoned monster or spell

  6. Abraxas, Lord of Chaos

    Instinct: Change in all things

    – sow discord in the lives of mortals

    – awaken a sleeping power

    – create a thing that should not be

    – meddle

  7. Hob Ana Garock, Demon Prince of Flames

    Imprisoned for all times (or so we sincerely hope) in a block of magical black ice, burried beneath the northernmost glaciers. 

    While imprisoned:

    Instinct: to escape

     – Offer vengeance to those with nothing left

     – Draw the unstable to its presence

     – Shake the glaciers of the north

    Once escaped:

    Instinct: to reduce reality to ash

     – Scorch the landscape with heat and drought

     – Set anything on fire; anything

     – Command flames as if soldiers

  8. Porteus, Master of Doors & Openings

    Instinct: to reveal the glory of the multiverse

    – Make a door, arch or hole lead to another world

    – Cast a shadow that drags in all it touches

    – Summon massive chunks of other worlds 

    – Create a pocket dimension to hold a meeting

  9. Samuhvahr, Mother of the Hearth, Civility, and Hospitality

    Symbol: a plain metal tea pot

    Instinct: to hold to tradition

     – Send an emissary, filled with poise and grace

     – Pass judgment, harshly and sternly

     – Curse any who violate hospitality

  10. Carcidonia, President of Locks & Seals

    Instinct: to capture and contain

    – Bring a trap, manacle or cage to life

    – Ward against a spell or action

    – Summon guards forged of living chain

    – Pluck out an eye to create a little spy

  11. Brand- Wielder of Fire, King of Hope

    Instinct- to stand against the darkness

    – Light the way when all seems lost

    – Grant a prophecy or vision of death and rebirth

    – Burn impurity and evil

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