Cross post since this is a mash up of OD&D and Dungeon World. Peace

Cross post since this is a mash up of OD&D and Dungeon World. Peace

Cross post since this is a mash up of OD&D and Dungeon World. Peace

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Actual Play Post – the goblins of Zog, tattertots, a purple fairy and a four year old continues the tradition of suggesting that sleeping goblins could just be killed because prisoners would be difficult.

Part #2 of my first session with my kids and wife of my OD&D mash up with Dungeon World.

part #1 can be found here

When we left off we had characters, had established why they were adventuring and what the mission is for the spy. I asked a few more questions to my wife such as why is the queen of the fey was mad at her. She replied that she is obsessed with the human world, and left her post. Good enough for what we where after. My daughter decided to pipe up (sans question from me) that her knight fights dragons. My son piped up now with dragons, he decided sometime that I felt bad at baboons with laser beams wouldn’t be the main villain – so he added that the dragons have laser beam eyes to make me feel better (boy howdy it did). Yeah now we have laser beam eyed dragons.

Somewhere in this kibitzing we where doing it was suggested that the goblins make some sort of noises that drive the laser beam for eyes dragons to Frill reigning death and destruction. Going back to the girl, I asked what was the town called where the people where attacked by the dragons. The girl (playing Dame Matches the Red Knight) said with the innocence that only four year olds can pull of: “the village of townspeople”. Alas for the village of townspeople. If you see the mat, next to the rendering of Zog is a skull where the village of townspeople bravely fought to the end. So now we have tied the goblins and dragons together with Zog and the mission – and somehow used two archetypes and tropes of fantasy with a good helping of gonzo for myself. So far we are doing well.

An observation – the girl is much more into the archetypes of fantasy due to the parents being a bit more relaxed about early childhood tv, toys, and her wanting daddy to tell her stories vs. the boy who is elder and therefore shafted by our hippie leftist harass anti tv parental types when he was an early child. But the boy now loves machines, how things work, bikes, mysteries and spies. So he doesn’t differentiate or is stuck with fantasy tropes. Which makes for great games, while the wife is really into good books and historical literature and medieval art but not gaming so we get the cool fairy tale vibe. But she totally abuses the henchmen as is coming. I mention this because on the map you will also see JPL – yes dear readers (if have managed to not be bored by this post yet) Frill apparently has a Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I haven’t figured that out yet, so I just wrote it down when it came up in conversation. The first time, I didn’t. But when it came up,twice, it goes on the map.

By this time we had spent an hour and a half, and everyone was having fun. We hadn’t actually started the game though, just the character creation.

So we start with recruiting henchpeople. They need someone to hold the light in the tunnels. So we need a village. The boy throws out Atruian. Good enough. I ask the wife why does everyone in Atruian have an eye patch. She had started to get a little bit agitated so this re engaged her. True to form to go with her other ideas, she says the children’s nightmares that the goblins are taking somehow infect the people when they see the children since they are at the borders of Zog and their eye starts to fill up with a erie liquid (the girl says red since at is her favorite color) and if it fills up they turn into goblins – hence the eye patch. Once the penny drops, the girl wants to sit in my lap again because she is scared.

So we have enough for the town. I describe a campfire where the locals all gather to drink their fill. The kids know what campfires are, but not really a tavern, plus I am tired of taverns.

At this point I discover they don’t have any money due to my character creation rules, and my desire to not have an hour of let’s make a shopping list for adventure mart. So we roll some dice, the boy gets upset because the knight got 2d6x10and he got 1d6x10but he sucks it up, and knows that he wants to get more. I am unsure of what the boy said the money is. The abbreviation though is FT. The wife and boy were taking about it, and the girl was telling me about her shield again so I didn’t catch it. Soemthing like Frilltons or Frilllunedollars maybe? But I do know that Canada is rubbing off on him because there are two types of coins, one worth 1FT and one worth 2 FT. Like lunes and twoonies up here. I got that much. The wife tries to game fiction me again about how the prince wouldn’t send them on a mission withhout sufficient resources wanting more money than she has. So out comes the die of fate again, on a 5-6 she is right, roll for more money, 4-5 the prince decides that the she should go and collect from the fey queen which owes the prince money for a debt, and on 1-2 the prince takes all her money to repay the debt since she is the closest representative to the Fey queen. A four is rolled so all is status qou.

After some discussions, and some horrible reaction rolls from the grizzled veteran who rather than risk becoming a goblin cut his own eye out with the tip of his bamboo spear. They retire for the evening with no hench people. The morning turns out better though. Apparently word has gotten out. Franco, a man whose wife was snatched by goblins ( it was originally going to be the daughter but I think I had already warped my daughter enough by now and ret-conned it to be the wife) takes up with band, wages are not discussed. that should have been a warning bell to them. They head off to the Emporium- which is really just a tarp and a table to equip Franco. The wife is shocked, “you mean I got to buy him stuff, he doesn’t come with anything?” I tell her well ephemeral has clothes and his bamboo cudgel. She decides since he is carrying the lantern, that is all he really needs. Classic henchman abuse right from the start. They are interrupted by Luka the Magnificent! who wears a blue robe and has some plastic looking stars and moons sewn on it.

A long discussion ensues within the party in whether to hire Luka. They roll poorly on negotiations. I use the classic dnd 2d6 roll straight from torch and sword (which is the same as the LBB). Luka demands 20% of all treasure. The wife really doesn’t like him. She is in to him right away thinking he is a self important type with little real magic to offer (which she is correct about). The boy agrees and they almost don’t hire him, but in the end the wife decides that they could probably push him in front of a goblin or something and therefore probably won’t have to pay him. So first game in for her and she has discovered the idea of a meat shield.

Sorry there wasn’t more rules discussion, but this is getting long enough for now. Next post will be actually getting into the dungeon. Discovering sleep spell (Exquisite Repose) is bad ass and Franco will solve their quandary of what to do about sleeping goblins.


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