Character doodle of two of my players

Character doodle of two of my players

Character doodle of two of my players

Spellslinger and fighter

Yesterday I ran a DW session for 5 newbies, not just to DW but to RPGing

And they loved it! We sat in sunny beer garden and played for about 4 hours, 1.5 of which was a quick chat about “fiction first” and “triggering a move”

They all got it and spent just over an hour making characters and making the world (I had them each draw where they came from on a blank sheet of A3) and mixing up their back stories and bonds

They all said the bonds part was one of the fave parts of character creation

And we were off meeting up a year after thier last quest together, they enjoyed drinks and then in thier hangovered state checked the wanted posters and went off on an adventure!

(They traveled, fought goblins, 2 wild blink dogs – that were super scary they said) and chased after a cart that left no tracks?!

All of them can’t wait to play again, even 1 who was a bit of a “tag along girlfriend” but she loved it especially being bonded with another player and clashing with her BF’s character

So happy, made me love GM’ing and DW is brilliant for newbies

(Other characters are, Druid, ranger & thief)

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  1. loved how they all madesuch detailed backgrounds and the map they drew was such a good focal point for the game

    in brief (if anyone cares)

    fighter has faterhs sword, his father was disgraced and called a traitor and killed, he wants to clear his fammily name as a honest knight

    thief is actually love child of fighters dad (same dad different mothers) he grew up in really rough city, worked for gangs, and betrayed them for “fun” got to the point he had to leave as too many enemies and no allies

    druid, was a high elf very wealthy socilite type, who was being forced into a arranged marrige and when visiting the other elf town (of the groom) she ran away to the forest and an event happened that made her one with the great forest

    the ranger had a sweet home life, loving parents, and wanted to explore with her dog “chop”, just so happened she was leaving so was the druid running away, so they joined up and explored the forest together becoming “bonded by blood”

    and out spellslinger was a down on his luck type, who heard of riches in the mines, he spent all his savings and headed down and stuggled until one day he found a crystal, upon touching it burnt the magic runes into his skin and he became a spellslinger, going collecting bounties… occasionally having one put on him aswel (much harder to cash in) and ended up head to head with the thief but decided it was time for a partner, rather than a pay cheque

    TLDL: a nice tied together party, with plot hooks all over the damn place!


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