Thrilling new adventures from the pages of Dungeon Planet!

Thrilling new adventures from the pages of Dungeon Planet!

Thrilling new adventures from the pages of Dungeon Planet!

The crew of the Honour salvage an experimental jump drive, keep it for themselves and find themselves caught in the path of an interstellar war!

Gasp as Eve, the Alien Technician steals a force-field generator from under the very proboscides of the insectoid mafia, the Benevolent Swarm!

Cheer as Vesper, the Alien Ranger leaps astride her Trigonian tiger-horse and lays her enemies low with dual plasma pistols!

Quail before the might of Z, the Engine of Destruction, as it does battle with the greatest robotic gladiators in the galaxy!

Wonder at the fate of John Challenger, an Earthling and British Navy captain from the eighteenth century, as he struggles to find his way home!

Having so much fun, finally getting a chance to play Dungeon Planet as opposed to run.  Nice work, Johnstone Metzger.  Such a great book.

6 thoughts on “Thrilling new adventures from the pages of Dungeon Planet!”

  1. Johnstone Metzger I’m playing Challenger, I’ve wanted to play the Earthling as soon as I read the playbook.

     I did want to ask if there was a direct fictional source for Psychic Eyes?  I love the move, and can see its analogous to Detect Evil, but was wondering where the idea for it came from? 

    Noah Doyle Haha, I’ll throw up some more stuff as we (hopefully) play more

    . This is our GM’s first time running a PBtA system and he’s digging it.

  2. Oh yeah, totally. In the first Barsoom novel, when John Carter goes to the atmosphere plant and he talks to the old caretaker dude, he is able to read the guy’s mind. When the old guy thinks about how to get in and out, Carter realizes there is a password, so he asks a question related to it. The old guy thinks of the password, and voila, Carter knows how to get in and out of the place.

    And the name comes from Mastodon- The Last Baron

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