Hello there!

Hello there!

Hello there!

I am running a one shot this Sunday, August 31st, 3pm Pacific (UTC-8). NEWBIES ARE WELCOME – I am a kind and patient GM and happy to teach you the ropes of both Dungeon World and roleplaying. If you wish to join me, please PM me your email. We play in Google Hangouts and Roll20. You need headphones/microphone and webcam.

Here is my GM resume and what I am looking for:


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  1. Jeroen van Lier  I can squeeze you in, you make the sixth and last player. I will send you a hangout request at game time, which is in one hour.  Please look these over if you have time:


    Here are some character sheets to look over. You do not need to fill them out; they are just to look over and get ideas.


    Also, here are some tokens to look over as well:


  2. Hi The Jessa Channel.  Thanks for inviting me!.  Alas I was running a DW game of my own at PAX this afternoon and couldn’t join yours, but it sounds like you had a full house anyway so it looks like your fab poster is working for you!

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