Repost – Ranged Skirmish Actual Play Example

Repost – Ranged Skirmish Actual Play Example

Repost – Ranged Skirmish Actual Play Example 

This was written to answer the question how two ranger fighters would engage each other in Dungeon World. If the player character just repeats volley, nothing really cool happens unless they fail. That is not how the game works. So i tried to write up this example to show how it could be done better. Please feel free to comment or continue the example or ask questions. 

Amanda the Ranger is enganged with a Gnoll Hunter in a shootout. 

Amanda, the Gnoll is covering behind a wall but now he looks up, and aims a shot at you. What do you do? 

now she could just fire back, but then she can’t dodge the arrow. Or she runs and dives for cover. 

First is rolling volley and getting damaged in return. 

Second is probably a defy danger. A 7-9 in my game then would be her getting to a place where she has cover but can’t fire back easily. 

So now she cowers for a while, waiting for the hail of arrows to die down. It does. Amanda looks up. 

“The gnoll is nowhere to be seen, what do you do?”  

“I look around and listen for the sound of its paw” 

“Sounds like you are discerning realities” 

rolls and asks questions. Maybe things like “what happened here recently” (as in where did it leave pawprints) or “what should i be on the lookout for?” (the gnoll trying to circle you). 

If she gets the position then she might be able to take a shot. But if that doesn’t take out the gnoll then it is your turn as the GM to make a move again. 

Maybe you go for the “Strike at a moment of weakness” move.  

“Amanda, you loose a few arrows but as you reach for the next arrow it gets stuck in your quiver. The gnoll realises this and despite the knife in its leg starts to run at you, spit dripping from its mouth. It’s to close to fire easily at it. What do you do?”

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