Tonight’s session:

Tonight’s session:

Tonight’s session:

Keep in mind that tonight’s session was supposed to be the journey’s end of a very long quest. We had been “dropped” into another world and thanks to the giants, they were casting a ritual spell to teleport us back home.

We appear inside the King’s Ballroom of our world. Immediately upon arrival, one of our non-player companions charges for the King and wounds him.

The Dwarven Paladin attacks him with a harpoon gun and hits. The harpoon goes through its target and sticks in the diaz just below the King’s throne.

A partygoer then begins throwing knives at the queen. I take him out only to find one of the King’s Guards is now charging the King. I figure out that our foe, whatever it is, possesses different people with the goal of killing the King and Queen.

Our human thief (with a pet tiger) uses her poison arrows to dispatch with the guard. I catch up with him to interrogate him, but he dies after my third question.

We are arrested and left to rot in our cells for 10 days. Although we are questioned, we don’t feel any closer to freedom. One of the guards is possessed by whatever-the-bad-thing is and threatens to kill me.

One day, the castle is racked with explosions. They are close enough to knock us off-balance. The thief’s door opens. She lets us out after finding all our stuff.

The dwarven paladin finds a barbed devil upstairs destroying the King’s guards. He harpoons it and the thief and I come up as reinforcements. The thief performs a series of spectacular acrobatics only to fail at the end. As the last of the guards are slaughtered, I get knocked across the room. Despite this, we defeat the devil only to watch it evaporate into mist.

Then the captain of the guard appears. So does the possessed guard.

Fortunately, the captain of the guard saw the demon, so he knew what we had done.

The king gives us his thanks, but he is still very wounded. The thief begs the King to let me heal him. He agrees over the objections of the captain of the guard.

Our reward is to be sent on a quest. It was a very fun evening.