LET’S PLAY!  Anyone want to form a group to play a session starting Friday night 8/8 anytime after 2 PM EST, going…

LET’S PLAY!  Anyone want to form a group to play a session starting Friday night 8/8 anytime after 2 PM EST, going…

LET’S PLAY!  Anyone want to form a group to play a session starting Friday night 8/8 anytime after 2 PM EST, going as far as Saturday afternoon 8/9 about Noon EST – We would need a GM! I’ve not GM’d Dungeon World yet

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  1. OK – Looks like we have some interest! That’s Great!! How long does a session usually last? 1 hour – 2 hours? Longer?

    Jeroen van Lier – Could you be a Player starting at 5 PM EST?

    If so – here’s our lineup!

    GM/DM – Damian Jankowski – begin 5 PM EST

    PLAYERS – +Andrew Jackson – begin 5 PM EST

    Shadi Alhusary – begin 5 PM EST

    Eric Lochstampfor – begin 5 PM EST

    Jeroen van Lier – begin 5 PM EST

    Please confirm here – and Damian Jankowski let us know how to setup/start Hangouts or Roll20 – Thanks!!

  2. Hope you didn’t mean that I flaked. I usually run games for about 3 hours. I prefer 3-4 players so 4 is max. We’ll start at 5:30 if that works for everyone. For all included parties, please post your character name, playbook, and drive/background or race/etc tonight if possible so I can review them. We will start with level 1 characters.

  3. Great gang! I’m stoked – I’ll have to look over the playbooks – probably very basic generic for me – first time playing – 5:30 PM EST for me is perfect (means I can still work, and get the grass cut… joy of joys) Excited!

  4. Character Name – Blackbird McAllister

    Playbook – The Ranger

    Race – Human

    Drive/Background – Blackbird McAllister keeps well to the shadows. The hood of the Human Ranger’s thick cape is pulled over his head. His sharp eyes dart about, taking inventory of everything surrounding him. The tip of his Hunter’s bow is visible over his shoulder. Also, the hilt of a Short sword pokes out of his flowing cape. He appears to be the type to always have a large tankard sitting empty in front of him. Although it is hard to imagine such a Lithe body capable of handling much strong ale.

  5. Damian Jankowski Great and I meant my regular DM, I think im going to play a gnome wizard who was transformed into a a half giant of about 7ft tall. His low str score is displayed as using too much or too little force, because he is still getting used to his body.

  6. I’ll be able to make it around 5.30 PM 

    Character Name – Clovis All-Mighty

    Playbook – The Barbarian

    Race – Halfling

    Drive/Background – As one of the sole survivors of the Bloody Ravens, he now wonders the lands with Mara (his 4 ft long trusty sword) for a taste of the glory that his old crew always raved about. 

    Clovis never really used to wearing any real clothes as he strides through all weather with his shining blond locks in his leather shorts, some belts and thick leather boots. 

  7. Moldred

    Female, Firbolg Shaman (Grim World playbook).

    Clad in hides and topped with a tangle of red hair, the shaman’s blue skin is marked with tattoos of purple spirals and swirls of black, that you’re sure looked slightly different yesterday. Far from the lands of her people, few have dared asked to ask the 6 and a half foot woman why she wanders so far. On those occasions she’s mumbled something about a quest (or did she say debt?) and rubbed her left hand, which is missing two fingers.

  8. Let me know if you got the link, I shared with you for the shaman.

    Moldred is driven by a desire to quell unappy spirits, for if she doesn’t she tends to by hanted by nightmares. It was during one of these nightmares she was assaulted by a strange creature who bit off her pinky and ring finger in the dream only to awaken with the same wound in the waking world. She has since stalked this nightmare creature, for she believes it can help her understand the relationship between her dreams and the spirit realm. So long it remains elusive and she is endanger of becoming obsessed.

  9. I rethought my character and I think he would work best as a bard. Pendrell is kind of a bibliophile he loves old books and other pieces of information. He wants to know the history of past hero’s, God’s, bears, you name it he’s heard a song. He’s also often willing to do less than legal things to get information.

    Also what level are we starting at? 3 good?

  10. The old gang didn’t really work out, lots of people got killed, totally not Oliver’s fault, although his hands are not completely clean. Now Oliver is looking to get a band back together, creating a new ‘family’, just like the old days. Indulging in the best parts of fame, glory treasures and women. 

  11. Blackbird roams because he has lost his identity – no family, no background, no memories. His only companion is a stealthy wolf good at scouting, who is also similarly forgetful. The two were joined when Blackbird’s village was sacked. He knows not by whom, nor why the village was targeted. In fact – all he knows is that he awoke in a wolf den nearby, under the care of this wolf. She apparently dragged him to safety. Now he works to piece together who he is, why the village was sacked, and what source caused the destruction and wiped his memory.

  12. Being the prideful guy that he is, Pendrell has been known to take trophies of the adventures he has been on. With these trophies he has proved many a heckler wrong.

  13. I had a blast for my first DW session! Thanks to everyone for being open to meeting new people, and joining a Hangout. I would also be up for another one shot – or discuss a regular hangout schedule to handle a short campaign. (* Time is limited with two kids ya know)

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