9 thoughts on “I published a monster manual for Dungeon World!”

  1. Argh! Just placed an oversea order for Dungeon Planet (+Truncheon World) and missed this by a mere fee weeks…

    Btw, is there a link to download the Dungeon Planet playbooks that I’ve somehow missed?

    If so, can anyone post it here?

    And yes, I will get this book too –love what you did with DP, Johnstone Metzger!

  2. Consider it on my list of things to buy! Dungeon World needs this. Could you throw down some of the monsters names? Just three random ones will do. 🙂

  3. So if I understand the patreon correctly, you release PDFs of the monsters, and when it’s collected in a book like this, we get a PDF? That would include anything special to the book that hadn’t already been released?

  4. Matthew Caulder Yeah, I release the first draft of each Monthly Monster publicly through Patreon now (originally it was just to backers) and there’s a bonus monster for the higher pledge level. I emailed a special version of the Terrors pdf to backers at the end of June, and then a discount coupon for the print version two days ago. Probably that’s how it will continue to work in the future.

    Terrors doesn’t collect all the monsters we’ve done so far, just the ones that go together thematically.

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