6 thoughts on “Anybody done any additional info on the hireling rules? Maybe suggested coin costs?”

  1. I know there is a 3rd party pdf with a total-replacement hack for handling minions, but my memory is being no help about where I read it.  Re: coin costs, you have seen p330, right? 20 to 60 a day for hazard pay, down to 30 a month for army-pay, which I assume is mostly boring garrison and drill with only occasional terror and bloodspray.  the non-monetary costs of p37 are fun ways to make npcs’ personalities matter, to avoid the hench-management of your players reducing to dull spreadsheet-itis.

  2. I love Pirate World’s system of giving NPCs two stats—loyalty and injuries—plus their own moves and damage dice like monsters. It makes them feel a bit thicker than the default list of skills, without being unmanageable.

  3. Xander Mathews I’m guessing that I have a later printing than you do – my page 330 has the magic items on it. The equipment section has the army pay that you mention, and I had seen that, but I don’t see the hazard pay that you have. I’m good on non-monetary costs, I just wondered for people who are looking for coin. 

    I should mention that the reason I am asking this is that I am trying to start up a game based on my old Pool of Radiance sourcebook. Part of the conceit is that there is a big mob of NPCs available for hire in the base town, as well as rivals and whatnot. I’d like to tie asking prices to skill levels, and have the party negotiate from there.

  4. Just straight up make something up, its always the best way. Its only for you and your friends to play anyway, right? If I was going to make up a system for it, I might consider something like this:

    When a hireling works for pay rather than glory or revenge…

    …if they are a seasoned professional, add 5 coins per year spent adventuring.

    …if they have a natural talent, great skill or they’re strong, add 5 coins.

    …if they know the area you’re headed, add 5 coins.

    …if they think they’re better than the heroes, add 2 coins.

    …if they have a stake in the mission, take between 1 and 5 coins depending on urgency.

    …if they admire one of the heroes, take 2 coins.

    …if they are an outlaw or criminal, take 2 coins.

    …when they take a beating or take part in a failed mission, add between 1 and 5 coins.

    …when you lied about where you were headed or what could happen, add 10 coins.

    …when they find something great for themselves, literally or figuratively, take 10 coins.

    Hows that?

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