I have another playbook in the works : Giant Spider

I have another playbook in the works : Giant Spider

I have another playbook in the works : Giant Spider

Now before you go calling me crazy, this was really just for myself and all those spider lovers out there.

There’s been a place in my heart for spiders since I can remember. Even the first thing I could draw as a toddler was a spider (my mom even kept the proof). When there’s a spider in the house, I let it out if I can, talk to it, and say goodbye. I enjoy letting baby spiders walk around on my hands.See,  I really do find spiders fascinating and would love to just play one in a DW campaign.

There will most likely be three classes though, like the a drider-like or ettercap-like creature all in one bundle.

I’m looking to get some good feedback!

17 thoughts on “I have another playbook in the works : Giant Spider”

  1. Maybe because I’m an exterminator I want to play this! The 2 things that might be trouble is lack of speach unless this is a talking spider. The blood pool may be too much book keeping for some players. Overall, this looks like fun.

  2. Please add Anansi and Shi Maria to the list of names. 😀

    This really is cool though, having not grown up on DnD I love weird races. I like my fantasy fantastic!

  3. Since the spider can talk it must be above animal intelligence so I was thinking about the alignments. Rather than focus on the predator adpect you could go with more human drive. Good-how do creatures with half my legs survive, I must learn more about them. Neutral-adventurers are always attacking me. I must gain their trust and protection. Evil- I will walk among them and learn their weaknesses for Queen Loth. These may help players see spiders as less alien and more complicated. Just a thought anyway.

  4. On the Tremor Sense rules, shouldn’t it just be “you can ask the GM where creatures are hidden”, not what is hidden? Its not a see-through-walls power. Maybe you can also ask the general size of the things, too, but that should be it.

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