5 thoughts on “Enchanter Compendium Class”

  1. Not too much “generic”. I see “acquire, study, befriend, murder, and 

    perform postmortem on an intelligent object” and “You can 

    imbue items with your blood”, so this limits the fiction to a single type of enchanter, a very bloody one.

    Also, the move “Bonded Beyond” is nice as concept, however I think I’d not investing a lever for it. So if I die, I stay in the object? And now? I keep playing, speaking with my friends? Can I use my moves? 

  2. interesting. I’m putting this in a folder with sundered world’s fatigue rules as food for thought regarding item creation.  My personal usage will have master’s servant and bonded beyond tweaked for a little more “Sauron” style: Servant would be a subtle pull, Beyond wouldn’t end the drama on 10+ or 6-, and would flesh out what a bound soul can do besides possess. (to expand on the I’m-in-a-sword stories I want to see. As written it’s more of a descrete stepping stone of a larger plan, like a lovecraftian wizard using soul jar to switch bodies.)

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