I am not certain that this is the place to post this request, but hey…  here we are anyways! :D

I am not certain that this is the place to post this request, but hey…  here we are anyways! 😀

I am not certain that this is the place to post this request, but hey…  here we are anyways! 😀

My wife and I are looking to play in a regular, recurring DW game/campaign, via Roll20 (preferred) or Hangouts. Unfortunately, our schedules dictate that we can only play between 9pm and Midnight EST, although any night would be fine.

We’re both veteran gamers (though DW is fairly new and wonderful to us) in our 40’s, but due to our family obligations we’re not really able to satisfy our gaming fix like we used to… Please help!

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  1. Good luck in finding a group, I wouldn’t mind being consider as as a sit-in at times, but regular play is often a problem for me since my life is subject to interruptions that pull me away from the computer. I have been involved in a few MMORPG’s in the past 16 years ( As time permits), but have yet to play a P & P games. Are you two interested in running a campaign or looking for one?

  2. We’re looking to play this time, actually. We’ve pretty much worn out the MMORPG scene, and crave the open-ended, ad-lib, shared-investment-in-the-game-world thrill of DW!

  3. Matthew Everhart Awesome, I think that is great. I feel pretty much the same way about MMORPGs, great games, but I did my run on them and desire neither the time-sink nor the limitations that they can become at times.

  4. Those are my exact same hours of availability… I’ll talk to some of gamer friends and keep you posted if I can get a campaign going, Matt. I love regular and recurring games myself – I think we may have something here!

  5. If you have an open seat, i’d love to jump in. I’m on the same schedule. Kind of a noob. Listened to podcast game sessions and they sound awesome. Reading the rulebook now. 

  6. Hmm, no lack of players… I’m busy as hell this week (two DW sessions in a row on Weds/Thurs!) but perhaps next week we can do session 1. How does everyone feel about non-core playbooks (ex. artificer, mage, etc.)?

  7. Next week works for us, just let us know a day or 3 in advance.

    I have no issue with non-core classes; as a matter of fact, I have several (Hexblade, Binder) that I am keen on playing if allowed.

  8. The Hexblade is awesome. I could see that being really fun in an urban setting, or an unusual setting (airborne cities like Bioshock Infinite, or where sunlight is practically deadly so everyone lives in darkness, etc.). Lots of ways to make someone dead in an indirect way.

  9. Indeed! I just played a barbarian in a one-shot and it was a bucket of fun! 

    I’m tentatively signing my wife up for a Paladin or Wizard/Mage type. She’s newish to DW, but those classes have appealed to her historically.

  10. Any evening after 9pm works for us. Are we using #Roll20 (my preference) or Hangout? IIRC, there’s a Hangout app built into Roll20, though I’ve never used it.

  11. I’ve never used Roll20, but I’m interested in learning it; let’s try that. My current group plays on Thursdays, and I’m fairly busy on weekends, so this will be a weekday game – probably Monday or Tuesday. No worries about being late/having to turn in early, I don’t mind short sessions! I find DW players can do alot of fun stuff in very little time 🙂

  12. Given that DW is heavily narrative, #Roll20 (which already has DW character sheets with common roll macros) will be an easy pickup. It is, at its base level, totally free as well.

  13. Matthew Everhart Are you still ‘recruiting’ for the ‘On-going Adventures of the Everharts’? If so – I’d like to be considered. I am trying to learn DW so I can game it with some friends – and the schedule you propose would be idea for me as well. Family obligations and all! Let me know! Thanks!

  14. Honestly, Andrew Jackson, at this point your question should probably be directed to Joseph Madigan, as he’s kindly taken on the mantle of GM for us. I think there’s enough room, but I’d feel better letting the GM make the call.

  15. I prefer 3 player games, I’m willing to go as high as 4. I can deal with more during a one-shot, but I find it hard to run a substantial game with too many people. Sorry 🙁

  16. Joseph Madigan No worries! The next game then!  Thanks guys – hope it goes well – please consider capturing a video or audio – I think Dungeon World games make the best Actual Plays! 

  17. Matthew Everhart, let’s shoot for next monday night, August 11th @ 9pm. I’ll be in in Indianapolis next Tuesday-Sunday (gencon!), so Monday is free and perfect to kick off a great week of gaming! Anyone here going to Gen Con?

  18. I think I’m going with the Dragon Mage. If that doesn’t work for you guys I also printed out a few of the base playbooks.

    Are we doing this on roll20 or hangouts???

  19. Like the feel… I love games and/or stories where cities/major locales are almost characters unto themselves, with deep secrets, quirks and personalities. I’m also a big fan of dangerous and mysterious magic, rather than Forgotten Realms magic ubiquity.

  20. It’s also looking like Kelly may not make it back from her work travel in time to play tonight – I’m expecting an update from her within an hour or so… I’ll let you know ASAP

  21. This would be my second game on hangouts so I’m fairly new to this.  Hope I dont slow the game down.  I hope he got my playbook, I think I just sent it.

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