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(Please comment on the original post for jim miller.)

(Please comment on the original post for jim miller.)

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My proud geek dad moment: when your 14 yr old daughter shyly asks if I would run a game of Dungeon World for her friends. I played it cool and said “sure, set it up”. But inside, I was jumping, hooting and hollering! (we had played a converted LL module last weekend with my two girls 14 and 12, and my 5yr old)

It won’t be a a pure DW game as I will be running through a DCC module, but I just get the baddies from modules and the basic theme and plot points to run DW.

Sage LaTorra Adam Koebel and Jon Marr thank you guys. People who create games might not realize that they are more than just games, they are creating childhood memories for some people. My daughters and my son will forever remember playing Dungeon World with their dad, it will hold that special place gamers have in their heart and will solidify the bond some families have as they build those memories together.


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  1. This is awesome!!!

    My own daughter is being born in 3 months time… I hope with all of my might that one day she’ll want to share a few hours with her dad and DW.

  2. Some of my fondest memories, now that my Dad is gone, are of playing DnD with the whole family. DW is about to introduce my brother’s new Chinese wife and stepdaughter to gaming, this afternoon.

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