Hey Everyone!

Hey Everyone!

Hey Everyone! 

Here’s the second part of my write-up for the House of Worms one-shot I ran on Sunday.  It turned out to be too long to do in one go, so there will be at least one more of these. 

I’m interested in what you think of the style of AP. Does it work? Is it interesting? I might do more of these later if people are enjoying them.

3 thoughts on “Hey Everyone!”

  1. Really well written. It’s long, so I didn’t make it through all of it, but what I read was very entertaining. The brief dialogue from the players interspersed with your thoughts is a great format. This feels like an interesting anecdote rather than just a string of things that happened. Partly because we get to see how you make play happen not just what happened. For example: 

    “Now we have one of those awkward moments in rpgs. They’ve decided what they want to do, but I have to describe them doing it, and all it is is walking. 

    I’ve seen a lot of GM’s get sort of stuck in this situation. It should take the party some time to get through this area, or ride this train, or whatever, and so they feel like they have to drag it out. They have to make the players experience an equivalent amount of time as their characters. 

    I am not a fan of this particular technique. I tend to skip directly to the next scene.

    This time though, I do pause, this is their first few moments in Worm House, so I need to do some window dressing. I have an idea of what this place looks like, mildew and decay, cracked and warped flooring, decaying scrollwork, rotten curtains….”

    Ah, and so much poking with 10 ft poles! Love it. 🙂

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