7 thoughts on “Everyone sleeping close to this object…”

  1. Object: A locket with a man’s and woman’s picture within. The locket has dried blood on it and the hinge is damaged. The locket has many jewels on it and could be worth more once cleaned and fixed.

    Dream: The PC awakens in a soft and lush bed feeling well groggy from being woken up in the middle of the night. Sitting beside the PC is a stranger who gently touches the PC’s cheek. The PC tries to get up but their arms and legs won’t move. The stranger softly says, “It’s ok. The poison will be quick and you won’t feel a thing. I love you.” The stranger then produces a dagger from behind a pillow and slits their own throat, blood spurting everywhere. As the life falls from the stranger they fall forward and their face is revealed for the first time. It’s the party member that the PC trusts the most. Darkness overtakes the PC and they wake up in the real world.

    Ideally this works best when the stranger is whoever the PC has the most bonds with.

  2. The lich king lies burried in his keep. Anyone sleeping at the keep will have a very compelling dream on how to bring the undead king out of his slumber. Maybe it was the fitfull sleep but the dreamer is much paler and hollow eyed upon waking.

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