Hopefully I’m putting this in the right area

Hopefully I’m putting this in the right area

Hopefully I’m putting this in the right area,

Seen some awesome playbooks recently that have “drives” rather than “alignments” I think, as well as extra space for gear and notes. +Jarrah James’ Stellar Conflict is one example (over on reddit.com/r/dungeonworld if you’ve not seen it).

Anyone know if there are any resources where this has been done for the original playbooks? I really like the layout and new addition, and would like to see what it looks like with the originals. 


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  1. I have been looking for a generic 3rd sheet for a while. Something with equipment and notes.  Tried making it but my graphic design is not exactly passable.

  2. Brennen Reece How much would I have to pay you for a Minimalist Playbook for the Mage/Priest/Templar/Artificer alternate class books for personal use?  I really like your layout.  

  3. I’m the guy who started the Drives replacement for Alignments, along with having unique options for playbooks instead of Racial moves. I first did it in Inverse World, but all of my playbooks since then have had it, too.

     Brennen Reece I am the dude who wrote the Mage/Priest/Templar/Artificer playbook pack (found here: ). I like the minimalist layout for the playbooks you’ve been making, they’re very nice – if you want to make them for these playbooks, that is fine by me! Just link to the original product when you do. The playbooks are CC-by-SA so you can freely share them and even rewrite them, as long as you credit me and do not try to sell them.

  4. Thank you Jacob Randolph!  I really like the minimalist layout, and I vastly prefer your Mage to the Wizard.

    If I wanted to throw, say, a buck at each of you for the minimalist versions, would that be a violation of the CC-by-SA rules?

  5. If Brennen Reece is game for it, we could probably include the minimalist versions of the playbook in the actual product listing on DTRPG. We’d need to negotiate some sort of contract – I’d want him to get paid for his efforts, after all.

    So there’s my answer to that, Ken Burnside – if Brennen wants payment for making these great playbook layouts, we can talk and see about making that happen.

  6. Woohooooooooo!  Let me know where to send the money.

    Brennen Reece — thanks for taking this on.  And if you ever decide to put those layout templates up so other people can make ’em, I’d greatly appreciate it.

    (Sage LaTorra — i’m assuming you’ve seen them?  Could they influence the new character playbook layout you’re doing?  I REALLY like the “double sided fold-in-half” layout for cons.)

  7. Ken Burnside while we love the minimalist playbooks, they’re not quite “on brand” for us, and we don’t want to step on Brennen’s toes. Ours will be a fair bit different (we actually just got a new amazing draft today).

  8. If the alternate classes set is done soon, I’ve got a con coming up the weekend after next and would love to pay you money so I can print them out for convention pick-up games…

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