Been working on a witch class (with some input from David Guyll).

Been working on a witch class (with some input from David Guyll).

Been working on a witch class (with some input from David Guyll). I could use some feedback on it, and anyone who gives constructive criticism with get a free copy of the final product. Anyone interested?

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  1. Melissa Fisher

     That’s fine if you seen it, just be sure to find a more creative name as witch is rather generic so make your own & spice it up, plenty of room for other classes in DW as long as they’re not just copycats.

  2. Melissa Fisher looks good. It looks original, as in not a reinterpretation of the witch from pathfinder or warlock from 3.5, more like what I’d think of a “real” witch’s powers from mythology.

    I feel like five moves to start might be too much, maybe if one or two were passive as opposed to moves you roll to activate or if two were cut it might work better. The advanced moves seem fine, weather worker is the pre-req for a large number of moves which isn’t very flexible and again I think it’d be better if more moves were passive instead of rolled.

    I like the alignment moves, the backgrounds are nice too. You have a wand listed with three charges, what does it do? is the intent for it to be a ranged weapon where the charges act as ammo?

    overall I like it I’d probably play one.

  3. David Guyll l it wasn’t a complaint, I was complimenting the fact that it wasn’t a reinterpretation of another game’s witch.

    I looked and it appears most classes have four or five moves to start, just most don’t have four or five moves that you roll for. Which isn’t a bad thing per se, it just appears busy, there is a lot of text to parse. That said, I don’t think any of these starting moves could be rewritten as passive abilities. I think I would move the second part of apothecary into a 2-5 move though. thaumaturgy could also be moved to 2-5. you have two moves at 6-10 that require weather worker which cuts off two moves from 6-10 if someone doesn’t take weather worker.

  4. I just realized the divination move is just a specialized discern reality or spout lore so I think thaumaturgy can stay as a starting move but I would move the second part of apothecary into an advanced move. Upon further reflection I think d6 damage and 6 + Constitution hp may be a little high, why would a witch be tougher than a wizard and better able to deal damage than a wizard? Those should probably be lowered.

  5. Assuming the wand works like a missile weapon, it and the crystal topped staff are really good choices, however the athame while nice that it provides 1 piercing is not as strong of a choice. Also, most people playing a witch are not going to know its a ceremonial dagger, you may want to call it “a ceremonial dagger (tags)”

  6. Tim Franzke a “real” witch in this instance means one based on the myths and legends of witchcraft as opposed to the warlock class of D&D or the witch class from pathfinder, which, other than the inclusion of at-will “hex” powers are just another Vancian spellcaster that bears little to no resemblance to the mythology. I don’t believe anyone has/had these powers in reality, so it might be better to refer to it as a mythological witch instead of a real one. Now, in other threads I’ve argued for spellcasters who follow the Vancian rules, my preference for such only applies to “old-school” classes, the witch has only been a part of D&D since 3.5 so I’m happy to see a new class get powers that are different from the wizard or cleric.

  7. David Guyll Melissa Fisher r yeah dropping damage would be a good change. Another concern is that this class starts with explicitly magical items: the staff, the wand, and the protection pentacle which no other class that I can think of does. I do like the staff and wand, and the wand especially is a flavorful way of providing for a ranged weapon in keeping with the witch’s theme, but it might be too much to start the class with something like that. also you provide a 0 weight book of spells that isn’t referenced in any of the moves, is this a holdover from a previous revision or is the witch intended to reference it each day like a wizard, or is it just color without mechanical use? finally, since this is a caster class I imagine most people will use Strength as their dump stat, 8 + Str load (7 if their Str is -1) may make the witch a packhorse for the party, which seems dissonant with the rest of the class’ abilities.

  8. David Guyll even though it’s magic I recommend using the wand with the regular volley move since the witch is likely to have a high int so s/he may be too good at dealing damage.

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