We resume right where we left off: Lukas is investigating the dead guardsman’s room, while Jonah is chasing the…

We resume right where we left off: Lukas is investigating the dead guardsman’s room, while Jonah is chasing the…

We resume right where we left off: Lukas is investigating the dead guardsman’s room, while Jonah is chasing the presumptive assassin across the rooftops. Jonah’s chase is parkour’d to the max, and he is forced to choose between keeping up with the assassin and being able to take a shot – he chooses to keep the assassin in sight and so they run on. Lukas digs around a bit until locating the guardsman’s secret stash, which includes a diary and a fat stack of company scrip from the mining consortium. He leaves the boarding house and takes up a position in an alleyway, watching the front door.

Jonah spots a shortcut and swings around a building on a laundry line, cutting off the assassin’s escape and knocking both of them into an alley. A brief exchange of blows occurs, and Jonah attempts to wall-run around the assassin and cut off his escape. Unfortunately, this takes his attention off the assassin just long enough for a smoke bomb to be deployed. Jonah fires a flurry of arrows into the smoke, and is reasonably confident that he scored a hit. He mounts his faithful steed Bayardo and rides hellbent for leather to cut off the assassin’s second escape.

Lukas spots a pair of men approaching the boarding house. One enters, the second spots and makes note of Lukas. When the first man emerges, their conversation is agitated, and they move to confront Lukas. They are guards, coming to check on Atwood as he has missed his shift, and suspicion for his murder falls plainly on Lukas. Lukas claims innocence, and volunteers to talk to their station sergeant to sort it out.

Jonah reaches the Fountain Plaza well before the assassin can emerge from his escape route, and prepares to take a crippling shot to capture him once and for all. His presence as a mounted, armed Wastelander causes the public no small consternation, and they clear a space for him. When the assassin emerges into this space, the shock is large enough that he is a clear target, and Jonah takes the shot…which is ruined by an urchin child asking to pet Bayardo. By the time the urchin is mollified, the assassin is gone. Jonah begins methodically tracking the escape route, noting the highly professional preparations the assassin made along the way.

Lukas engages in a respectful, professional conversation with the guard sergeant, including revealing the company scrip and the diary found in Atwood’s room. The diary paints a picture of a bitter man, angry over his injuries and distributing blame between the company and his fellow miners equally, but without any direct mention of his involvement in Harlan’s murder. As Lukas is leaving the sergeant’s office, he overhears another guard bringing a report of a gathering crowd at the consortium offices, so he heads in that direction.

Jonah has followed the assassin’s trail to those selfsame offices, and both men arrive as a crowd of restless, armed miners gather in the plaza before the gates to the offices. The tension is obviously high, and a wrong move (or lack of a right one) could easily spark a riot. Jonah begins scanning the rooftops for likely snipers’ perches, and calls upon the Wind That Guides Arrows for divine guidance. Receiving a clear sign, he heads for the most likely roof while Lukas tries to suss out the mentality of the mob.

Lukas spots Andros, the mine foreman, standing in front of the gates and ostensibly trying to calm the mob down. He is radiating guilt, though, and it is clear to Lukas that his protestations are designed to subtly encourage, rather than discourage, violent action. Lukas makes a beeline through the crowd, drawing attention, to confront Andros directly.

Jonah, meanwhile, accidentally sets off an improvised alarm. He is fast enough to get to a hiding spot before the assassin comes to check, and ambushes the man, leaving him dazed enough to be tied up without protest.

Lukas seizes the initiative from Andros and begins addressing the crowd directly, trying to calm them and assuring them in clear language that all those responsible for Harlan’s death will be brought to justice. Andros, clearly tense, plays along with this until the crowd begins to calm and looks likely to disperse. He gives Lukas insincere thanks, offers to discuss matters later, and makes to head into the offices to notify the consortium bosses that there will be no riot.

Lukas, thinking to prevent Andros from leaving, thinks he is signalling Jonah to aim for the legs.

Jonah, instead, shoots Andros through the lung, terminally.

Seeing a second community leader murdered, the crowd once again starts ramping up to riot. Jonah attempts to distract them by throwing the assassin off the roof, while Lukas tries to get their agitation under control. With no other option remaining, Lukas is forced to reveal himself as an Arbiter and servant of Divine Law. This, finally, calms the riot, at the cost of Lukas’s anonymity.

When the crowd disperses, Lukas sees a man standing behind the gates, watching. The long-mysterious Larrott, who claims innocence in the murders on behalf of the consortium, and offers effusive thanks and praise for Lukas’s investigations.

Jonah gives the assassin a respectful funeral in the sands, after speaking to the dead man’s shade and promising to deliver a package to his aged mother outside of Sickle.

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  1. And upon examining the assassin they discover it’s the same man whose elbow Lukas stomped to powder a few days ago… But his elbow is fine. In great shape in fact.

    Really, this guy’s way out of Andros’s price range.

    And so Lukas begins to suspect his holy order was behind the plot. No proof, really. But the suspicion will gnaw at him.

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