Rune-carver v1.1 for #DungeonWorld.

Rune-carver v1.1 for #DungeonWorld.

Rune-carver v1.1 for #DungeonWorld.

(Apologies for adding it as a new post, but I can’t figure out how to attach a google doc to the v1 post. Is there a preferred way?)

Some things I’m unsure of:

Glowing Weak Point and Postmortem: May be redundant. One is meant to be used prior to a fight; one recharges runes and so prefers the restriction of having to defeat something first. Is this too nitpicky? Is there a way to combine them and capture the feel of a class whose drive is to study, learn, and self-improve based on that knowledge?

Homeward Bound: This is a simple version; could also be expanded into a full city-building/city-managing page. Necessary?

Warding Stance and Self-Improvement: Bonuses too high? +2 seemed reasonable for both, and it looks like stats don’t scale beyond +3, so it seemed okay in my head.

Also, are these too basic/useful to be advanced moves? Should they be starting moves, possibly swapped with Homeward Bound or something?

The Last Ember Burns Brightest: Too much? Not enough? Is the timing too weird? (To get the armor while defending, you can still burn your 2nd-to-last rune for +1 to the defense roll, then gain the armor as you now have 1 rune left.)

Mark of the Family: Is there a template for auto-succeed? Is this too much for level 2-5?

Orthography: Useful now?

Civil Engineer: Still useful given the new parley option for monument?

The Flesh is Weak: More restrictive. Still flavorful/useful?

Monument: New options more evenly useful/less overpowered?

Tattoo Artist: Max runes should be less mandatory now that runes can be recharged and don’t each provide a unique bonus.

The Spirit is Willing: Useful enough? I like the concept and flavor. Bonds seemed like a built-in way to capture this.

Home Field Advantage: Too much? Not enough? How finely tuned do ration/gear/money expenditure need to be?

Immune System, There’s A Rune for That, Carve Me Again: All of these were last-minute tweaks/additions. Do they sufficiently fit with the flavor and are they interesting/useful enough to choose?

Rune Tuning: Idea borrowed from the druid; it fits with the rune-carver’s new flavor but I think it’s mechanically boring. Thoughts?

Thanks for all the past feedback, and I hope this one represents a slightly more cohesive mechanical and fictional direction.

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