#italianedition   #newclasses

#italianedition   #newclasses

#italianedition   #newclasses  


So, here we are, the people at Narrattiva

Time to reprint the Italian edition of Dungeon World for Lucca Comics&Games 2014. The reprinting will be an occasion to tinker on something, rethink some layouts, graphic and contents.

One of the things we would like to change in the new edition are the extra classes. The first edition had The Dashing Hero, the Sorcerer and the Shaman, and we would like to change them, to offer new possibilities to the Italian players. The old classes were great, we would like to offer something new that will be even greater.

So: we are searching for new classes to use.

If you have written a class, maybe playtested it and, most definetevely finished it (no work in progess, please), you can send it to [email protected] (or even in the comments of this thread, or to me in private).

We will select 3 or 4 classes from those submitted here and in other internet places, like the Italian Tavern, the ones we like the most, the most innovative, the best suited for the Italian market, and the selected ones will be published as part of the new Italian edition, with you fully credited as the author.

I cannot really promise anything, not even a concrete reward beside that little fame and glory you will get, but I think that the satisfaction of seeing your material published in a foreigner language could be worth the effort.

So… to arms, third part designers! Who wants to be known as “that one who had his class translated in the extremely cool Italian edition”?

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  1. Just wanna say, that cover art is awesome

    also, how do you feel about 3rd party compendium classes that players can add on to their core class characters?

    I have a few of those.

  2. Jay Vee, that is the artwork of the FIRST edition. The second one will prrobably be different. As cool as this, or better, but different.

    We haven’t really talked about Compendium Classes. They are not explained in the core book but we have translated the Compendium.

    For now let’s limit ourselves to basic classes, but I will rise the question.

    Thank you ^^ 

  3. As much I appreciate the comments on our artwork (and I appreciate them very much), I have to ask you to stay in topic in this thread. f you want to comment about the art I will post some other pic, but I would like to keep this thread straight on its topic, thank you ^^

    And I’m a dumbass, so I edited the main post to actually insert a mail adress

  4. What about the classes from Mondo Sotterraneo?

    There are some classes that are very interesting. For example, in the last number i published the Detective, the only class I made that I would propose. 

  5. Luca Maiorani, Luca Veluttini is in charge for the Italian-speaking world, we havent forgot the Taverna and the fanzine, don’t worry 😉

    I’m just the one that is surveyng the English world, since I’m more into that than in the Italian community.

    We will choose between all of them (and probably wit a little bias for the Italian ones, even).

  6. Damian Jankowski, cannot tell as now. We have just started working on it and we haven’t been able to set a deadline, yet. Too dependent on printer, artists and technical issues.

    Let’s say that Lucca Comics is in the first days of November and we will need to have several crates of printed manuals by then.

    I will keep this initiative posted and updated in the next months and somewhere along the line will appear a deadline ^^

    So… no hard deadlines yet, but sooner the better. 

  7. Wll, Philipp Pötz, Montsegur 1244 has just that edition, and there is Bacchanalia that has been published with a German rulebook.

    I don’t know of any other project… yet, but I know that Narrativa is very interested in the German market so, maybe in the future…

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