Druid of Holding?

Druid of Holding?

Druid of Holding? Has anyone else considered using their party’s druid as a means to store and… retrieve large items? If their organs expand and contract depending on their size, why not the contents of their stomach? I think I’m only joking… but it may come up.

If a crocodile can swallow a man whole, why not treasure? Of course, transporting people internally would be horrific, for both the druid and passenger. Lack of respiration and digestion could be problematic.

Possible? Other implications?

9 thoughts on “Druid of Holding?”

  1. I’d rather just take the druid into town & get rich by letting the druid be a much needed animal psychologist to the town’s pets/pack animals & livestock.

  2. Sure, but it aint the healthiest thing a croc could do. Also it might get a bit tricky when trannsforming back with that treasure trove in your stomach 🙂

  3. Or just change the druid to a mammoth then load it up like a pack animal with a cart to do that though if the party thinks this, I’d not play a druid.

  4. Being a noob myself, I suppose I had not considered the contents not growing or shrinking, just seemed right if the organs did. Will need defined by GM and players I think. Suppose they swallowed a magic statue, then shrank, and regurgitated a nice magic trinket that is now easily portable on a wizard’s keychain. ;^)

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