Hey guys, I put together some dangers and fronts for my recently started campaign.

Hey guys, I put together some dangers and fronts for my recently started campaign.

Hey guys, I put together some dangers and fronts for my recently started campaign. Just wondering if anyone would like to have a look and critique them for me since this is my first go. 

Feel free to borrow ideas or items as you like, I think there’s some cool ones in there. 


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  1. a lot of good stuff actually! But it looks a bit confusing. It’s been a while since my last front creation and I’ve never been too good at it, but as far as I remember it was something like:

    Big Campaign Front: i.e. “Challenges in the Mountains”, like you did, Cast (also, well done, but we’ll get back on it later) and Stakes, that I don’t see.

    Then 1-4 dangers, each one taken from the list of archetypes on the handbook, with an instinct, Grim Portents and an Impending Doom. So, in your case, the Temple, Ragnarok and Grak would be three different Dangers in the same big Front called “Challenges in the Mountains”. 

    That gives you an idea of what a Campaign Front is: a lot of parts moving towards different direction and also different ends, none of them good.

    Now, as for the casting. I see good ideas there too, but the point is, you’ve written them down as both monsters, cast and Dangers. It’s more than a little bit messy. You see, I think you want to put them as Dangers, for the reasons I wrote about above. With an instinct and grim portents. Those you’ve written there are monster moves and monster tags. Which is good, but it may be better to write these things down elsewhere: Grim Portents may be confused with monster moves but are a completely different thing of course. I think it’s way better to write the cast down as monsters on some other sheet, giving them damage die etc, like I saw you did.

    Anyway, nothing that can’t be fixed, maybe with another good look at that part of the handbook. I can clearly see that you don’t lack in ideas! 😀

    What else? Oh I like the item and moves, but when it comes to less damage or more damage I prefer randomization, so I personally like items that say things like “roll two damage dice and choose the worst” rather than items that give you armor.

    Hope I’ve been helpful, sorry if I have been unclear or confusing.

  2. Very good. I feel Grak the Bloody should have some inspiring move, like:

    – thundering, all-round attack, storming between enemies and allies

    – give to an enemy a false hope

    – laugh ’cause he knows what is coming now

    While you can sum up the ohers in:

    – Dominate others, gain glory, die well!

    Also, you could put some Impressions (seach for them in other fan product if you need inspirations). In short, what you could see, feel, touch, taste when you are in special places. This is very useful when you have to describe a great detail to your players, but you have no time to wonder about that during the game.

  3. Are the barbaric characters NPC ? if yes they’re not supposed to have PC skills (magic missile ?) The mage PC is “the only mage” in dungeon world 🙂

    About magic objects… fiction is better than numbers. 

    example: Ring of fire: you’re immune to non magical fire but is more difficult to keep your emotions.

  4. Oooh, didn’t see that! It’s not that they’re not supposed to have magic missile: the wizard is the only one capable of doing all the stuff a wizard does. But it’s entirely possible for an NPC to cast spells, and yes, even one wizard spell. The point is, there is a quite straightforward guide to create monsters, and using it for damage dice, HPs, moves and, well everything, is a very good idea, especially during the first games (but generally always, since it’s well done and logical).

    My point being: yes, NPC may attack with spell and may call their spell “magic missile” but it’s not the wizard’s magic missile and, more importantly, it probably won’t deal the same damage. Answer the questions in the monster making guide and find out how much damage they deal, then you can call their magical attack however you like. Keep in mind that’s very different from D&D in this issue: PCs skills and talents don’t overlap with monsters, and monsters can’t gain PC class levels! Because, as simone biagini said, PCs are unique and there is not a “school” you can attend to become the wizard (or the druid or what have you)

  5. This looks wonderful. I wouldn’t change anything except:

    •Make the fire ring grant straight up immunity

    •rework the ragnarok sword move because the 7-9 “nothing happens” is dull. Do you have any other ideas for what the sword might do?

  6. Awesome guys, thanks for the encouragement and critique Nikitas Thlimmenos I see what you’re saying. I need to come up with some kind of table to fill in rather than just a word document. 

    Love the addition to Grak’s moves Andrea Parducci , some really cool ideas.

    I’m going to change that ring, luckily they haven’t found it yet. simone biagini 

    With the sword Alfred Rudzki I’m thinking that it could be the flame damage on 7-9, and then with the 10+ the person embodies Ragnarok, Big flaming dude with fear inducing rage, maybe gain some bonuses to other things. But then it needs to burn them out (they become tired) but I’m not sure how that would work. 

  7. Oh, that sound awesome — I love it. As for the burning out? Just add the clause: afterwards, you are exhausted.

    Now in the fiction, hit them with a hard move every time they’re pushing themselves too hard. “You’re exhausted, remember, so you’re gonna fly off this ogres back in a second, no lying.” “How are you going to take first watch as exhausted as you are? You can do it, but it’ll be at a penalty no doubt.” Etc

  8. Alfred Rudzki Genius! Thank you, still getting used to these hard and soft moves. So different compared to DnD and SW I’ve been playing. But so much better! I keep having to remind myself that if its cool and works in the fiction, then that’s the rule. Not that I need to keep looking up rules in some ancient tome. 

  9. You can do great things by just letting Exhausted grant story telling permission. Of the Fighter is Exhausted and is covering the rear while the rogue leads the party — and say the Wizard fails a Spout Lore check? Maybe make a big deal out of how much time it took for them to find the answer, and Separate Them: the exhausted fighter took a seat while the Wizard tried to figure things out, and no one noticed they fell asleep — now the Fighter is back over there and the party is all over there.

    Have fun with it, its great.

  10. I like it. I’m really interested with what you’re doing with that first move, about doing things in town? Is that written for the benefit of the GM or the player? 

  11. Joe Banner That’s something I’ve done for the players. I knew that they would want to get some information so rather than simply have me make it up and they look for NPC’s I asked them those questions. Followed by who they spoke to. This built the temple and surrounding area.

    I can give you the run down in a sort of actual play if you like.

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