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  1. Paizo gives Free Stuff to the venture captains. No convincing them to try something else. And your FLGS makes money selling Paizo books and miniatures, so no incentive there either. 

    I solved the problem of not having players – I made my own.

    (I play with my kids)

  2. I tried twice to put a gaming group together in Patra, Greece. Found only people that played their home modified version of AD&D. Resolved on playing via hangout on Gplus…

  3. Jon Homesley – how far “North”? (Mostly kidding. I live just south of Winston-Salem, and my ears perk up whenever I catch wind of a gamers anywhere near)

  4. Eric Duncan I tried to run The Godspell today, waited 30 mins and gave up. Our group meets regularly and we had a 6 month campaign of DW, I just finished a 3 week tier of Tremulus and we just did a crazy 1 shot of a space western Fate game.

  5. Same here with the meetup crowd for local gaming on being just D&D/Pathfinder as well as a smaller gaming convention which was 75% these games with one Call of Cthulhu & Vampire Masquerade game. Not trying to get everyone gaming into Dungeon World but when I see the D&D/Pathfinder games going on here in the area I hope that they are at least trying other systems with some kind of open minded viewpoint & not just sticking with one or both (D&D/Pathfinder) game systems out of a fear of learning another game.

  6. I had a similar experience with a local RPG meetup group in Raleigh. They ran a “GM Fair” and I offered to run DW. I had 1 person out of almost 1000 members sign up.

    I think I realized that without intrinsic motivation to try new games most people are not going to sign up.

    Just look for people who already want to play DW and go from there.

  7. I tried to run a “Games on Demand” thing here in Austin, and I’d prep’d a Dungeon World one shot.  We ended up having some interest, but only a few people (besides the usual Organized Play groups) had planned to stay for a game.  We ended up having a fantastic game of Monster Hearts.  Yay!

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