14 thoughts on “What is bigger – Fate, DW, Savage Worlds or the old school clones?”

  1. Well, given where you posted this you might end up with a biased data-set, there. I think people who write excellent products that carefully take into consideration which system is the right fit for what they want to do will do well by any of those choices. A mediocre product paired with the “biggest” system won’t go far no matter how big it is; even good products can have a hard time finding an audience.

    At any rate, what I’m getting at is that if that’s why you’re asking, it’s probably not the first or even the fifth thing to take into consideration.

  2. Adam Koebel

    I know the only possible answer to that: The one I am passionate about. Anything else will fail.

    I was reading Grim World today and a lot of it is for Fate. Which made me wonder if it was a good decision on Boldly’s part. Inverse World also has a Fate edition.

    Does this mean DW is not big enough to carry a project on its own?

  3. Fate or Savage Worlds is biggest. Whether or not DW can carry a project on its own depends on your definition of “carry,” though. Same goes for Fred’s “do well.”

  4. Fred Hicks

    Thanks. That is exactly what I was thinking when I started this thread.

    While Grim World is fantastic it seems a bit diluted by the Fate content.

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