Started up my first game this past weekend with new players.

Started up my first game this past weekend with new players.

Started up my first game this past weekend with new players.  We settled on making a setting in a Dragon Empire where ancient sleeping Dragons took seats of power 5,000 years ago only to split their empires after internal squabbling.  A huge mountain called the Dragon’s Teeth separates the Dragon Empires from the Free Lands where savagery is law but people can at least live freely.  Magic in this setting is rare and kind of like D&D’s Dark Sun much of the known magic is really siphoned energy from the dreams of the sleeping ancient Dragon Lords and takes hundreds of years to master and usually the unaging Elves live long enough to learn how to harness the energy.  But rumors tell of Freelanders finding “shortcuts” and using ancient magic unknown to the world since the Dragon’s took power.  Order is kept in the civilized lands of the Dragon Lords by Clerics who worship a diety dedicated to Civilization and anything deemed unhealthy for Civilization that can’t be converted is erased with righteous violence.

So being that it was my first time doing a “First Session” I’m not entirely sure I asked the right questions to get adventure hooks.  One of the players did say that many villages and towns in the Free Lands have been deserted for no reason and our Drakarn (Grim World Race) character did say that his species was an old experiment by the Dragons to make shock troops, so I’m thinking of using those to make one adventure front involving a new experiment that needs “test subjects”.  Our first adventure did also include a revealing of a Cult of Chaos once thought to have been wiped from the land ages ago with soldiers whose limbs still lived even after death and officers whose skin writhed like tentacles were just under the skin.  But other than that I’m not sure where to go.  Can any of you help with some suggestions for fronts or ideas?

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  1. Well the fronts or ideas can always come from everyone but feel free to mine the player character backstories. Pick a few who might have had a rough time before the party and now have friends to help fix things or have them get news of something going on in their hometown they care about.

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