Short debrief for Cleric Week

Short debrief for Cleric Week

Short debrief for Cleric Week

In short, i am not happy with how it turned out. I tried to kick things off good and maybe succeeded in that but fur sure it wasn’t enough to keep the ball rolling and get everyone exited to contribute. 

On the other hand i was really busy this week and couldn’t get a lot of the posts i wanted to do. That might be because i am getting a bit tired of Dungeon World. I don’t feel the same satisfaction with creating DW content as i did last year. 

I need to think if i want to continue doing the main facilitation for Class Week going forward. I still enjoy discussing things here and helping people that have questions but that’s about all i think i want to do for now. 

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  1. Thought it’s a great idea & a good start but maybe with the crazy of everybody’s schedule including mine, maybe future ones should be two weeks long.

    Going off this, there are no rules against making cleric week longer than a week especially if someone talks more about clerics this week.

  2. Druid week was a big part of what made Dungeon World “click” for me. That said, take a break. The game will continue without you, and when it feels right, you can pick it up again.

  3. Tim Franzke Thanks for your service in organizing and executing this — I loved reading the articles from everyone, and crating my own Cleric move! As a new player and aspiring GM, I wasn’t able to participate in version 1.0, so all of the content is new and shiny.

    Matt Smith brings up the great point that I can dig back and review the v1.0 discussions too, which is a whole treasure trove for me to sink my teeth into!

  4. Well, while I love to read you all here in Google+, I think that similar initiative should go in other sites. A lot of good stuff “go forgotten” here in G+. It’s a “fire and forget” medium, while I’d like to have hints, techniques, extra moves, classes, CCs, magic objects, ALL grouped in one place. Some kind of wiki, or organized forum with different treads for the various classes / settings.

    I did this thing (for my personal use) time ago, copy-pasting lot of your suggestions in a single file, however should be great to find that stuff in a single, updated, online place.

  5. PS: Tim Franzke I’m quite curious. You say “That might be because i am getting a bit tired of Dungeon World.” I can understand that thing, it happened to me hundreds of times in the past. However, usually I become tired of a game when finally I found something “better” to bite.

    For instance, I tried D&D, then I “evolved” to True20, then I “evolved” to Savage Worlds, then I “evolved” to Fate, then I “evolved” to Dungeon World.

    Now that I found the *World philosophy, and his marvelous, diabolic mechanic, I can’t find other games that push me in their direction. Almost every other game looks so “old”, monochromatic…

    Have you found something new, something freaking good to substitute DW with?

    Side note: my players are not very sold on DW philosophy (we used a couple of times for short campaigns), so now I’m running a fantasy campaign with Savage Worlds… I can understand their points (they like to gain more power, they like a lot of “levels”, they want more detail on skills and feats), still I burn-out when I have to prepare all that detail on NPCs, when I have to make my players roll all those dice to find out simple things, or to fight enemies (and I see in game very few epic / cool moves or rumbles, ’cause those systems are soooo boring when you are in combat, it’s all a roll to hit / damage, roll to hit / damage…). And while I try to incorporate DW things (you fail the roll, ok, you succeed your action, BUT…), SW is not born to easily accommodate that kind of play. During the playtime, I find myself inner-crying thinking “Oooh, shit, if we were playing DW, I’d doing fantastic things, instead I’m here rolling all those Notice rolls, Shaken rolls, checking how many enemies are adjacent to the character, checking if I can move this monster 7 or 8 squares, taking AoOs…”

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