Death’s Emerald Marble

Death’s Emerald Marble

Death’s Emerald Marble

These small perfectly formed emerald marbles are crafted from the Spirit Seekers who make their homes in the Isles of Wind and Fog. Often given as gifts to heroes who partake in world protecting quests, more than one has been lost to the wilds. It is said that if one is to look deep within the marble, you can speak to the spirits of the dead. Such practices are highly discouraged, since the eyes are the window to one’s soul, and the spirits may latch onto you. The marbles more notable ability is to steal a recently lost soul from Death’s icy grip and draw it back into a body. If the left eye is plucked from a still warm corpse, and replaced with the marble, it is said they will return from Death’s embrace.

Whenever you peer into the emerald marble and ask the souls seen within a question, roll 2d6+Wis.

 On a 10+, they will show you a vision that answers your question to the best of their ability.

 On a 7-9, they will answer you question as above, but choose 1.

 On a 6-, both, and they ignore your question.

   * A spirit takes up residence within you.

   * You are accosted by horrible visions of your death in battle. Take -1 ongoing whenever you are in battle until you are the target of a Bless spell.