I could use people to take one more look at my Pirate playbook for DW before I dot my Is and cross my Ts.

I could use people to take one more look at my Pirate playbook for DW before I dot my Is and cross my Ts.

I could use people to take one more look at my Pirate playbook for DW before I dot my Is and cross my Ts. If you are interested here is the new link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9it4ynveVn4NWhGUzJobnRxeFU/edit?usp=sharing

4 thoughts on “I could use people to take one more look at my Pirate playbook for DW before I dot my Is and cross my Ts.”

  1. Overall, this is looking really good. Nitpicks below.

    Look: choices are all very “man-pirate;” maybe add some that are more gender-neutral or even feminine

    Neutral: I’d go with “drink and philander to excess,” myself.  The “in a steading without starting any fights” doesn’t see over piratical to me.

    Shanghaid: Second sentence could be punchier, something like “You beat and clawed your way to respect” (that’s not right either, maybe play with it; maybe ignore me).

    Fight Like a Pirate turned out really well. Only quibble: should be “Spend 1 mayhem and…”

    Choose Your Defenses – overlaps a lot with Look.  Maybe not a big deal, but maybe reconsider.

    Dead Man’s Chest: I mentioned this before, but I don’t really like this one.  It turns every monster into a loot-dropper, which just doesn’t always make sense.  I’d push for a move that encourages the pirate to leave treasure buried and then (maybe) come back for it.  Like “When you hide a valuable treasure somewhere remote and unattended, mark XP.”

    A Pirates Life For Me should be “A Pirate’s Life for Me”

    Powder Monkey doesn’t jibe with the flintlock description (flintlock isn’t unreliable, it’s dangerous).

    Shoot and Stab – could be Stab and Shoot instead… when you hack & slash, on a 12+ you plug them with your pistol as well. Deal damage.  (Personally, that’s more how I’d fight.)

    Sea Savvy maybe take +1 forward to act on that information (instead of just take +1 forward)?

    Treasure Trove – some objection as Dead Man’s Chest

    What happened to Dread Pirate?  I really liked that move.

  2. Thanks Jeremy Strandberg.

    Dread Pirate wasn’t quite cutting the idea for reputation, but I will be adding it to the Bonus Moves/Director’s Cut section so people can be given the option to use them if they like them more (as long as the GM is cool with it).

  3. I think you might not be using “take +1 forward” correctly in several places. I always interpreted this to mean the /next/ move, not the move you’re about to make. If you want to give a bonus to the move you’re making right now, just say “take +1” (Sea Legs, Yo Ho Ho)

    Fight Like a Pirate: What’s the difference between distracting or aiding from a distance? Do you really need two moves that just give +1?

    Pillage and Plunder: This should apply to looting a valuable place, not every monster you fight. Compare to the Captain’s move Spoils of War. (from Inverse World)

    5 Bonds is a lot. Is the Pirate really a social butterfly on par with the Bard? Get rid of the fourth one.

    Gear: Get rid of the crossbow, and make the pistol a choice for the rest of the equipment, and add another pick to make it two choices for equipment.

    I Spy: Reword to “When you Discern Realities from above or using a spyglass, you can ask the GM an additional question, even on a 6-.”

    From Hell’s Heart: Reword to “You deal +1d6 damage against aquatic foes.”

    Dead Man’s Chest/Treasure Trove: As previously mentioned, this turns monsters into bags of loot. It doesn’t really add all that much.

    X Marks the Spot: Reword to: “When you Discern Realities, add ‘Where is any treasure hidden?’ to the list of questions.”

    Riposte: This seems kind of weak to me.

    A Pirate’s Life For Me: This is much more complicated than it has to be. How about: “When you Recruit in a port town, you cannot get a 6-, treat it as a 7-9.”

    Sea Savvy: Reword to: “When you Spout Lore about the sea, it’s inhabitants, or sailing life, you cannot get a 6-, treat that as a 7-9. Additionally, take +1 forward when acting on the answers.”

    I Stab At Thee: Reword to “You deal +2d6 damage against aquatic foes.”

    Davey Jones Locker: Kind of weak for an upper tier move.

    Bound to the Sea: Make the “thirst” mechanic simpler.

  4. Hmm.  I’m not 100% sold on the Ruthless Rep & Tales of Misdeeds moves as seperate things.  If nothing else, the fact that both give +1 forward against the target is kinda weak. Maybe a more straight-up lift of Reputation (from the AW Operator) would be better?

    Reputation – when you meet someone important (your call), roll+cool. On a hit, they’ve heard of you, and you say what they’ve heard; the MC will have them respond accordingly. On a 10+, you take +1forward for dealing with them as well. On a miss, they’ve heard of you, but the MC will decide what they’ve heard.

    Then, maybe a supernatural move for the dread flag?  Something like the Barbarian’s Mark of Might?  Like, “When you take this move and bathe your distinctive flag in the blood of you enemies, you imbue it with supernatural dread.  When you or your crew fly the flag, roll +CHA.  On a hit, anyone not of your crew (your call) is, for the moment at least, transfixed by the flag.  On a 10+, the hearts of your foes are filled with fear and they will act appropriately. 

    (The wording’s not good, but something like that.)

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