My first shot at a monster.

My first shot at a monster.

My first shot at a monster. Although I am envisioning it as a pretty nasty critter, the dmg seems a bit high to me…based on this image:

Here is link to the codex:

4 thoughts on “My first shot at a monster.”

  1. Wow, that’s a killer! 😉 I think maybe you’re right, a bit too high on the damage, but would have to see how it plays out. The tags and story already make it fairly lethal, and it’s hefty on HPs too. Let us know how it plays!

  2. Well, I threw this guy at my players last night. Went over pretty well. It did bash the paladin and fighter pretty bad, they survived, but I do think I am going to drop the dmg down a bit, maybe 1d8+2 I am thinking… For the HP, it actually worked well, but my group consists of a fighter, barbarian, paladin, ranger, and cleric, so the damage output can be pretty high. The paladin insists he will have recurring nightmares about being covered in rotting intestines 😛

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