9 thoughts on “Hey DW hangout!”

  1. A fancy weapon with a gilded grip/pommel/etc. and a phrase engraved down the blade.

    A shield made of solid bronze.

    Shoes for your Abraxian riding goat (because it’s not a horse).

    Any exotic weapon that isn’t commonly made around these parts (“it’s like a sword, but the end of the blade is curved back like a hook”).

    Any bit of custom ironmongery you need done (for ritual components or traps or whatever) – just take the price of the closest thing to it as the base.


    Basically the 50gp cost is what you pay to commission the blacksmith to work on something specific rather than buying just a regular sword/shield/whatever off him.

  2. Can also use this price with other devices with common goods like woodworking or with the thief guild on making imitation items to create a fake duplicate common item or pay for someone to steal it (ex. Guard uniform, company painted keg that’s halfling size for sneaking in, etc.).

    Of course that’s the gold cost you are dealing with but some people just as happy to have the players trade goods, set up deals (ex. with a neighboring dwarf fortress to get their metal shipments going to this blacksmith), or do some other profitable small side job instead.

    Remember these fantasy worlds don’t just run off gold coins so if time isn’t a problem, let the players see the world from the merchant/craftsmen side every now and again.

  3. An iron mask, welded closed around your prisoner’s head.

    A cage, large enough for a mating owlbear pair and their cubs.

    A chain long and strong enough to anchor your sky island (skyland?).

    But don’t ask me what the “base item” price would be for any of these…

  4. Specialized tools for the theif. A steeljaw monster trap for the ranger. Ceremonial inscence pot for the druid. An instrument case with built in weapon for the bard.

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