5 thoughts on “Hello good people of the tavern!”

  1. Seems to me that World of Dungeons more of a retro experiment in style/layout and recall it’s essentially seems the same thing as DW just an early version.

  2. I do simpler monsters, since there is no need for range, weapon tags, special qualities and so on:

    Boss: 12 hp (18 if large)

    Elite: 6 hp (9 if large)

    Minion: 3 hp (4 if large)

    Armor: same as DW

    Damage: 1d6

    +1d6 if it’s powerful

    +1d6 if it’s magical

    It has all the appopriate moves for its type.

    I swear I once saw a post by the author on storygames from which I took how to establish damage like this.

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