We reviewed Inverse World this morning.

We reviewed Inverse World this morning.

We reviewed Inverse World this morning.  It’s a really cool and, in the best sense of the word, fantastical DW supplement that I can’t seem to stop playing:  http://www.gamer-xp.com/reviews-flying-high-with-inverse-world/

Anyone else familiar?  Our playtest group has been pretty rabid about it since we discovered it, and I’d love to hear other peoples’ thoughts.


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  1. I’m running a biweekly(ish) game with some friends of mine. It’s easily my favorite Dungeon World setting, in part because there’s the right combination of “things to explore,” and “things that are known.”

    I did rewrite a couple of things for my campaign to make it more exploration-focused. For instance, we no longer “overcome an enemy” for XP. Instead, we “change a place, for better or worse.” And I’ve incorporated my Investigate a Scene move, because I like to run mystery stories.

    There’s also an Inverse World community here on G+, too.

  2. It’s on page 188, and it replaces “did we loot a memorable treasure?” Overcoming a monster or enemy is still there. Considering the loot-focused nature of Inverse World (captain has trade, the collector collects things, etc.), I keep the treasure XP and ditch the monster XP. For us, the game isn’t about killing things. It really shouldn’t be about taking stuff, either– I might rewrite that one as well to something like “did we make an ally or enemy”? to push a social XP on the PCs.

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