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  1. Tim Franzke Good question. I’d say only Ostheomancy, since you aren’t actually “extruding” a weapon from your body but only reshaping yours. This means that it wouldn’t be Huge or Messy, since you are still working with your hands, which are neither of that.

    Too much for Failed Mage? 

  2. I would at least limit the rituals to specific effects/schools of magic. Or add “but your effect is always limited or weak, In addition to what the GM says”

  3. A limited ritual seems cool. Like “You know the Ritual move from the Wizard class, but you can only use it when the focus of the effect is related to bones, flesh and bodies”?

  4. The playbook also seems to rely on the idea that this a “mancer” of sorts, and perhaps this is the wrong way to think about it, but considering the backgrounds [mage, scholar, natural prodigy], it feels like a more studious, or intelligent playbook. A lot of the moves seem to rely on primal abilities like a sub-intelligent monster might have rather than intelligent abilities. Prodigy still makes sense, since that’s a more inherent, natural ability, but the other two backgrounds don’t make sense to me.

    I agree that the ritual should definitely be tied into some requirement of your natural essense, meaning your ostheomancy. I like the class idea overall. I’m not sure what spreading disease has to do with it and bonds 2 & 4 could use some work. I like the other two bonds. Moves like Monstrous Shapes are great to this playbook. You could use a few more moves that rely on your ability to change your shape. I’m picturing Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four.

  5. The idea is that this is a “combat” mage, a scholar who discovered the secrets to body shaping and all the physical stuffs usually reserved to less magical classes.

    I will think about adding something more specific regarding transformations and shaping, but I liked having a “catch-all” starting move and a really powerful high level move.

  6. Out of curiosity, how does the Ostheomancy move differ in comparison to, say, Fluid Form? The latter seems to be more specific, but it still has to do with changing your body. What’s to stop me from saying I want to become a puddle by using Ostheomancy and taking fewer detriments [choosing 1 instead of 2]?

  7. I really like the foci at the bottom of the first page. I can imagine crushing someone’s bones from the inside! I assume if you go medical focus, you want to require that the player invest in INT and CON? Perhaps requiring a different attribute than CON for aggressive focus would offer a different second attribute, but also force them to take a different path than INT. Like, STR or WIS for aggressive focus, just as an example.

  8. I should probably add some limits to Ostheomancy move. Like, for example, that you alter a part of your body, not the entirety of it. 

    Great points Damian 😀

    I don’t know about Aggressive attribute, i’ll think about it.

  9. I shifted some moves and changed some stuff,  Damian Jankowski. 

    Regarding the “illness”, the Ostheomancer is a master of the body and all that can damage or heal it. It’s only natural that, at some point, he discovered how to brew a special malady. 🙂

    If you care to check the modifications, the link is the same 🙂 Thanks!

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