I always wanted to play a cleric of a monotheistic religion with several aspects.

The god is one, think of them as our world Judaic/Christian/Muslim God, and the Clric chooses an ASPECT of that religion to highlight when they chooses their divinity.

Not a faux-polytheism like A Song of Ice and Fire, with multiple gods being emanations of a single entity, but a true monotheistic religion that encompasses all aspect of life.

The Cleric choose doesn’t even need to be conscious, or true for the character. I can choose to worship “The God of the Downtrodden” and my character will venerate the same Almighty as that haughty knight over there, but will do it working in shelters and in the worst part of the city… but maybe going back on Godsday on the big gold and stone cathedral.

Someone have done this?

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  1. I’ve done something similar.  There were multiple interpretations of the “High Scrolls of Truefaith” thus multiple denominations who were not necessarily fond of each other just to keep it interesting . . . not to mention saints including regional favorites vs those endorsed by the churches. 

  2. My DM had a similar idea back in the days when we were playing D&D.

    We tried a historical approach to the game, set in XIII century England. Clerics in that setting could worship God in one of his three aspects, the Father (Lawful Neutral), the Son (Lawful Good) or the Holy Ghost (Neutral Good), with different Domain Spells for each aspect.

    Of course there was also room for evil clerics who wanted to worship Satan. In this regard, my DM had a very good idea: when Lucifer was thrown out of Heaven, he fell on Earth and broke into three entities, which could be worshipped separately: the Devil (Lawful Evil), the Demon (Caothic Evil) and Death (Neutral Evil).

    If I had to keep something from that setting and transfer it to DW, I’d definitely keep the differences in alignment for the different aspects of the god, as well as a different agenda and precepts for the followers. A good theological background could also help justify the reason this god is not too clear on which path his followers should follow.

  3. Something I read in Iron KIngdoms was that you could be a cleric of a patron saint. So instead of worshiping this one huge god you could instead focus on an aspect of him.

  4. Sorta… we had a D&D3e game where Pelor was the one-true-god and the others were either saints or heretics.  Heironeous and Hextor were twin sons of Pelor born into mortal flesh. 

    It added some flavor, but honestly it didn’t turn out to be a very big deal as far as the ongoing game was concerned. 

  5. It would definetly explain the unified Spell List. 

    However the “You are THE Cleric” thing of Dungeon World kind of puts a stop to that anyway since there is at least the idea of niche protection there. 

    But maybe Druids also use the same magic, jus in a different way. Who knows. 

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