11 thoughts on “Rookie looking to get into a dungeon worlds campaign, gmt timezone :)”

  1. I’ve pretty much gotten my Fridays free in the GMT area and really looking to be a player so very interested if its going to be on that day but can maybe do other days.

  2. I could handle basically every day – preferrably in the evening as I have kids.

    I suppose we would need one additional person. Maybe I have someone in my close environment who would be interested.

    The question is, who would be GMing. Although I have watched some “in-game” videos and read the book I have never played myself.

  3. Most intruiging. And I too might have a +1, so technically we’d already have enough people for a game of powerful ambitions and poor impulse control.

  4. In theory, *world games should themselves more or less. I could look into it, but I’ll require a little more time to wrap up some other business first.

  5. OK let me get this straight:

    As attendees we have: Sebastian Kreis, James Day, Manuel Warum (+1) and me.

    Volunteering to DM would be Manny and me.

    I will be on a business trip next week and I’ll try to give the DW book another look. So I propose we should hook up the week after and see who will be DMing.

    BTW: can we somehow change this conversation into a private one? I suck with G+

  6. I don’t think you can transfer this conversation per se, but you can always just start a hangout with all the participants.

    David Jatropulus, as for the GM part of the book, no need to hurry there. It is explicitly recommended not to do a whole lot of prep for the first session but rather just let things unfold and see which way everything is headed (with a slight emphasis on the “ask questions” part and a very strong emphasis on “the one thing you absolutely can’t bring to the table is a planned storyline or plot”). The proceedings of the first session should dictate how future sessions should go.

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