Just wondering about Wizard.

Just wondering about Wizard.

Just wondering about Wizard… Do I still have to roll for my rotes as a spellcast? It doesn’t really say. I been playing a Fighter so far it’s been great! (First time playing Dungeon World) Our GM/DM (not sure which is the proper name) told us we should have at the very least a 2nd character ready to go in case our first one dies so seeing as we don’t have one I was pretty interested in the Wizard.

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  1. Yup. Casting any spell you’ve prepared requires you to make a Cast a Spell move. A Wizard’s  cantrips are just automatically prepared when you make the Prepare Spells move. They  don’t count against the total number of spell levels you can prepare.

  2. I’ve gone off on a tangent, but it wouldn’t only have to be with CON. It could  be with STR to hold pieces of the building up. With DEX to get out of the way. With INT to figure out how long until the building falls. With WIS to spot a place that’s safe. Or with CHA to…

    Well, no. You can’t talk your way out of being crushed by a collapsing building.

  3. Sure though the gm might give other things happening with cantrips or rituals instead of forgetting them. Some might just do a casting/skill roll to see if it’s a critical success or fail to gauge results beyond a common task.

  4. Christopher Stone-Bush is totally right here 

    (but for the thing that Defy with WIS is about mental fortitude, not spotting things)

    Darren Priddy i don’t understand what you mean. 

  5. For those who like to play off dice rolls where there’s a slight chance of really good or bad outcomes to add color otherwise it works fine & move on from there.

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