I guess I am not the first one to ask, but have you heard of any Ravenloft (I6) adaptation already made and…

I guess I am not the first one to ask, but have you heard of any Ravenloft (I6) adaptation already made and…

I guess I am not the first one to ask, but have you heard of any Ravenloft (I6) adaptation already made and available somewhere ?

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  1. To be honest, I don’t know the original module well enough to know whether it is indeed needed. 

    I thought somebody might have made some Strahd’s profile and/or some custom moves (locations, monsters, fronts …).

  2. You can also look at the fun 2nd edition boxed sets for it to fill in settings, then you can just build the fronts off the various unique lands & look at current monsters to see what you can adapt to the stuff in the Ravenloft books.

  3. Darren : I’ll try that. By then, any knowledge or experience of other MC is more than welcome.

    Christopher : I am talking about the original module indeed. I can try any following edition if needed.

  4. Sorry for the confusion. Saying you want to play Ravenloft could mean you want to run DW as a horror game.

    I don’t know of an existing version of the Ravenloft module for DW, but it shouldn’t be hard to convert. 😉

  5. Don’t be too tied to the map. Since there are no blanks on the map you need to treat it as if there are. If you play every room and every monster in that room as is it gets boring. So read your players’ body language (eg “I’m bored”) and change whatever is happening according to that.

  6. Its not a problem of Ravenloft specifically but of any “explore the map, open the door, kill the monster” module you may pull into DW.

  7. Yeah. Wynand Louw nailed it. Some first games I ran stank because I was too stuck on the material the module presented. When converting a module, you take the basic elements and let the rest be discovered through play.

  8. In these cases, I like to keep the map and dump the room descriptions. I populate the dungeon as needed, keeping in mind what is in the module and what has been established by the game.

  9. As others have said, Strahd would make a good front, but be wary of over preparing. It is important to ask the players questions and incorporate their answers into the setting.

    If one of the players likes werewolves, then poof Strahd is a werewolf now. If one mentions a haunted forest, then Strahd lives in a creepy cabin there. The general concept–a monstrous tyrant who is terrorizing the land–is still relevant, but it’s an outgrowth of the players’ creative contribution.

  10. I agree in principle, Tim Jensen. But I don’t think you have to change that much. The GM is a player too, and can shape the fiction just as much as the other players.

    But I get what you’re saying. A GM can’t be so married to their ideas that they don’t allow the players to provide any input. 

    A way to establish facts while still allowing for players to shape the game is to ask leading questions. For example “What powers are the vampire lord Strahd rumored to have?” You, the GM have told the players that there is a vampire lord named Strahd out there, but the players still have a lot of say into what he is and how he operates.

  11. I ran it straight from the original module. “Conversion” isn’t all that necessary. Usually just reading through a module gives you a pretty solid grasp of what monster, NPC, and dungeon moves should be. Maybe come up with one or two custom moves would be cool. And grab a deck of cards to have the players go through the fortune telling with Madame Eva to set things up (a very Dungeon World element imo).  

  12. I ran it from the original module, kind of. It lasted about 15 minutes before it changed into something completely different. I wrote a custom “dark forces” move, or something like that.

  13. Jerome Larre Actually, this thread has inspired me to compile all of my notes into a campaign starter with the serial number filed off. Give me a week or so.

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