Ludi Fabularum met again today to continue the previous meeting’s adventure.

Ludi Fabularum met again today to continue the previous meeting’s adventure.

Ludi Fabularum met again today to continue the previous meeting’s adventure. The students’ heroes included Alderist, an elf bard; Longor, a human fighter; Aragorn, a human paladin; and Throndir, an elf ranger (with a wolf animal companion). Longor’s player was absent, so I downgraded him to a warrior working for Alderist. We opened with the frogmen ambush. A die roll determined six frogmen plus one frogman shaman were attacking the heroes.

The frogmen opened by throwing barbed nets. Throndir dodged the nets. Alderist dodged the nets. Aragorn decided to parley. Consequently, he was netted, but his offer to serve the frogmen’s cause caught the shaman’s attention. The shaman ordered his raiders to be wary but not to attack. Throndir decided to fire arrows at the frogmen. Alderist, not wanting a fight if one could be avoided, attempted to foul Throndir’s shot. In the process, Alderist tripped and got tangled in a net. Throndir fired, but it was a poorly placed shot that did no damage to the shaman.

Then, with two heroes entanged in barbed nets and watched by two spear-toting frogmen, the shaman began to cast a spell while the other frogmen rushed Throndir. Alderist kicked out at a nearby frogman while Longor attacked as well. One frogman went down with a broken leg and punctured chest. Aragorn tried to cut his way free, but realized doing so would cause the net’s barbs to tear his flesh, and so he decided a more approach might be useful. Throndir got mobbed, suffering minor wounds before he could retreat to more appropriate bow distance. A few second later, Alderist and Longor attacked the frogman standing watch over Aragorn, giving the paladin time to free himself from the net.

About this time, the group decided to retreat to the jungle line. Unfortunately, the frogman shaman’s magical sandstorm made that impossible for Alderist and Longor. Aragorn rushed into the blinding sand and wind, injuring the shaman and disrupting his control over the magical sandstorm. While the paladin fought against the fierce shaman, the other heroes turned the tide against the other frogmen.

When all was said and done, three frogmen escaped into the sea. The party looted the dead, not getting much for their trouble: a few crude spears and a strangely marked gourd full of some sort of liquid. Alderist and Throndir made camp, starting a fire, improvising some shelters, et cetera, while Aragorn scouted the area. By the time camp was established, Aragorn still had not returned. Alderist, Longor, and Throndir set out into the jungle to find the paladin.

The trio discovered a covered pit trap. They also discovered that bare-footed humans had been using animal trails through the jungle. Some of these humans, based on depth of tracks, had been carrying a substantial weight between them. The heroes followed the trail.

Meanwhile, Aragorn, who had failed to notice a pit trap, had knocked himself unconscious and had been captured by human natives, who trussed him up and brought him to their village in a jungle clearing. When presented to the chieftain, Aragorn went from prisoner to honored guest. In the chieftain’s hut was a leatherworked image depicting a figure who strangely resembled Aragorn. This figure was surrounded by cowering frogmen.

The chieftain explained that Aragorn was the chosen one who would free them from the frogman menace. Aragorn’s quest to discover the truth of who he is had taken a decisive step. The rest of the heroes arrived at the village. Explanations were given, and the party were fed, their injuries treated, et cetera.

Thus ended the session.