Hey Tavernites!

Hey Tavernites!

Hey Tavernites!

New playbook in the works and I thought I would send out a sneak peak if anyone has some neat ideas I haven’t thought of. Been working hard on this one and it’s a little different than what you might be used to. The moves might look a bit wordy in the Skill Tree, but give it a solid read through. They are just compressed into smaller width boxes so it looks more wordy than it is. I am still fleshing out the skill tree so, no, it is not complete.

The 8’s next to the boxes are placeholders until I determine the actual amounts that each move will cost.


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  1. If you used to be a priestly God-following type, and then the Gods shunned you, you still would likely have some void that you need to fill. This playbook searches for that void. It allows for some healing abilities that you would likely have had as a Cleric, but then the Voodoo Priest and Demon’s Clutch paths begin to fill that void where your God once was.

    The Demon’s Clutch path is a mix of two different ideas, so that needs to be reworked, but the left column of moves is moreso what the path will lean into.

  2. I’m digging the changes to the second page – I wouldn’t want every playbook to look like that, but it really gives a sense to the uniqueness of this character.  I’m assuming the plan is to add initial gear, bonds, and a ‘human’-unique aspect later.

    It ‘abandons’ the leveling system doesn’t it?  If the anticleric is level 2 and earns nine xp, does it go to level 3 and zero xp?  Or can the player decide to buy the adornment ‘skill’ and go to level 2 and 1 xp? Or does the player ignore ‘levels’ entirely and raise a stat a point whenever they purchase a ‘skill’?  It’s not intuitive yet.

    And if I’m being picky, the ‘D4’ for damage is placed on an outline D10.

  3. Yep, the player invests the skill points whenever he has them available, although still has to make camp just like any other player to take the move. There is no level system in this situation. If you think about a typical campaign, you often times have players that are 5-6 points apart and not taking moves at the same Make Camp anyhow, so it doesn’t really make much of a difference. Picky is good! It’s all in the editing.

  4. Might want to block out the level field on page one and specify stat increases tied to every (other?) advancement on page two.

    There are a few places in the Demon Clutch and Apothecary where two lines connect to one skill – does the skill necessitate one or both prerequesites?  And if both, which skill is the ‘later’ development between gaining mental control over a creature and determining who is negatively or positively affected by scourging?  Or the 1d4+4 healing and the cursing your ex-deity move.

    Again, I look (to me) like I’m being picky and I’m not going for that – this here is a gem just shy of a bit of editing / playtesting.

  5. That level block-out is a great idea. I’ll take advantage of that. We’ve play tested the book once and I plan to do a couple more.

    The line allows for crossover from one path to another if the interest is there, however you cannot go up in the path. If you cross over, you can only go down in that path [but still continue normally along the originally invested path as well]. I need to find a better way to convey that in the tree. Tiny arrows may do the trick. I have a new update coming tonight. New moves, point costs, and some reorganization.

  6. Looks like there was a formatting issue with what I typed (like my fingers not actually hitting buttons, maybe) – I meant ‘What special powers, abilities, or limitations does a Human Anticleric have that an Elven Sylvan or Dwarven doesn’t?

    The arrows make it much clearer.

  7. I’m still working out the implementation of racial boons. The ones that are there now were preliminary ideas but need to be changed somewhat to actually have a better impact on the rest of the playbook.

    The Sylvan and Dwarven abilities I’m ok with but the elven and human racial traits need work.

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